US Series Champions

Year Athlete Country
2017 Matt Cogar United States
2016 Matt Cogar United States
2015 Matt Cogar
United States
2014 Matt Cogar United States
2013 Matt Cogar
United States
2012 Arden Cogar, Jr. United States
2011 Jason Wynyard New Zealand
2010 Jason Wynyard New Zealand
2009 Jason Wynyard New Zealand
2008 David Bolstad New Zealand
2007 David Bolstad New Zealand
2006 Jason Wynyard New Zealand
2005 Jason Wynyard New Zealand
2004 David Bolstad New Zealand
2003 David Bolstad New Zealand
2002 Jason Wynyard New Zealand
2001 David Bolstad New Zealand
2000 Jason Wynyard New Zealand
1999 Jason Wynyard New Zealand
1998 Jason Wynyard New Zealand
1997 Jason Wynyard New Zealand
1996 Harry Burnsworth United States
1995 Mel Lentz United States
1994 Matt Bush United States
1993 Rolin Eslinger United States
1992 Mel Lentz United States
1991 Mel Lentz United States
1990 Mel Lentz United States
1989 Rolin Eslinger United States
1988 Rolin Eslinger United States
1987 Rolin Eslinger United States
1986 Mel Lentz United States
1985 Mike Sullivan United States

World Relay Champions

Year Country
2014 Australia
2013 New Zealand
2012 New Zealand
2011 Australia
2010 New Zealand

US Collegiate Champions

Year Athlete School
2017 Chas Haas
University of Wisconsin-LaCrosse
2016 William Adams
Paul Smith's College
2015 Ben Kniceley
Haywood College
2014 Sam Mulholland-Wong California Polytechnic State University
2013 Ben Hanson
2012 Tim Benedict
Penn State
2011 Daniel Jones
Haywood College
2010 Logan Scarborough
NC State
2009 Adam LaSalle
2008 Matt Bolton
Paul Smith's College
2007 Jay Blackburn Haywood College
2006 Johnathan Blais
McGill University
2005 Will Roberts
2004 Mike Koers SUNY ESF
2003 Tate Connor University of Maine

Women's Division Champions

Year Athlete School
2017 Kendall Kunelius United States

US Women's Collegiate Champions

Year Athlete School
2016 Alexis Halstead
Kara Stone
SUNY Cobleskill
Alfred State
2015 Kendall Edmondson
2014 Kendall Edmondson
2013 Jen Michaud Unity College
2012 Chelsey Black
2011 Katie Noyes
2010 Rosalie Santerre Paul Smiths College
2009 Sara Hutchins Colby College