Lumberjack Workout & Exercise

STIHL TIMBERSPORTS® athletes train in a manner that is often based upon their athletic background but is fundamentally movement specific. Most athletes come to the sport from different backgrounds, and from that he or she has an understanding or an idea of what it takes to become fit. Just as with any athletic endeavor, the real job is mastering the skill that defines the sport. The skills in STIHL TIMBERSPORTS are a combination of strength, stamina, body mechanics and timing. To hone each of those areas, the athlete must work on the fundamentals of strength, general fitness, hand eye coordination and flexibility.

Athletes are not defined by gym numbers so much as by moving a set amount of pounds. Overall strength makes the movements easier, but the athlete must have suppleness and fluidity with their movements. To maintain that mobility, a good stretching regimen and an eye toward general physical fitness are necessary. The only true metric that is seen universally among the successful athletes is their “toughness.” That toughness can be attained through working out with weights, working at a physical type job or hardening oneself through training for the events.

Although the lumberjack events seen on the Series look like the work professional lumberjacks do in the woods, thousands of careful, focused hours go into each one. Professional lumberjack competitors have training arenas at their homes or shops resembling the stage and stands seen at an event on the Series. This “chipyard” has a log pile of practice wood so that each competitor can make cuts to tune up his chopping or sawing, just like at the gym but usually outside. Set a log, make a cut, watch the film, and adjust. This pattern can go on for hours each day and occurs most months out of the year.

While each lumberjack workout may be different, some common lumberjack exercises include:
  • Strength Training 
    • Olympic Lifting & CrossFit 
    • Squats & Lunges 
    • Lumberjack Press 
    • Standing Chops (Cable, Weights & Medicine Balls) 
  • Conditioning & Endurance 
    • Running & Jogging 
    • Biking 
    • Jump Rope 
  • Focus on Repetition & Coordination
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