By STIHL TIMBERPORTSĀ® 2018 Professional Series Applicants, 12/4/2017

STIHL TIMBERPORTSĀ® 2018 Professional Series Applicants

Welcome to the 33rd season of the STIHL TIMBERSPORTS® Series! The 2017 season was one for the books, and 2018 is already looking strong. 

This year, we will be hosting five regional qualifiers pools at four locations. We will take a total of 40 athletes, as in recent years. The U.S. Championships will feature the top 20 athletes.

The Championship will consist of 20 athletes separated into two pools of 10. Four athletes will move on from each pool to the Final Round to create final field of eight. The U.S. Championship event is currently scheduled for a three-day competition from July 26 to 29 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.  Applicants will be ranked, and then divided up per region based on ranking and home location. This will be done in order to balance the competitor talent in each region, while attempting to minimize travel for all competitors involved. 

To apply for the 2018 Series, please CLICK HERE
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