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Anti-Vibration Gloves

Anti-Vibration Gloves

Increase comfort when working with handheld machines with these anti-vibration gloves.

Reduce the vibration from handheld machines with anti-vibration gloves from STIHL. The palms and fingers are specially designed to absorb vibration energy, helping you stay steady throughout your workday.

Classifications: Meets anti-vibration standard ISO 10819:1996 and ANSI S2.73.

-TRm at .72 for mid-frequency range
-TRh at .55 for high-frequency range

Materials: 7-gauge knit shell, shock-absorbing material and elastic wrist
Available sizes: L, XL



Important Information

WARNING! Improper use of any power tool may cause serious or fatal injury. Read, understand and follow carefully the operating and safety instructions in your instruction manual before using such products.

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