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Pro Mark™ Chainsaw Boots Replacement Laces

Pro Mark™ Chainsaw Boots Replacement Laces

Keep your Pro Mark™ Chainsaw Boots going strong with these tough STIHL replacement laces.

STIHL Pro Mark™ Chainsaw Boots are made to handle tough jobs, and tough boots call for strong laces to help keep your feet dry and protected throughout the day. Our orange STIHL Pro Mark™ boots replacement laces can help your boots stay secure so you can get work done efficiently and comfortably. 

The STIHL Pro Mark™ designation identifies products for professional users. 

Model Features

  • ProMark™
    The Pro Mark™ Protective Apparel is best paired with Professional STIHL units. This line of personal protective apparel is designed for professional users, helping protect against injuries they may face during frequent use.


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