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There is a right axe for your cutting task

Before there was the revving of power tools, there was the swing of an axe. STIHL...
Before there was the revving of power tools, there was the swing of an axe. STIHL Precision Series™ axes combine balanced weight, high-quality sharpened steel and ergonomic designs to make the most of your elbow grease. Our collection of hatchets, splitting axes, splitting mauls and felling axes feature equal parts modern technology and tried-and-true axe design. All have a drop-forged, precision-ground head that will last for years to come. When you pick up a STIHL axe, it will feel at once both familiar and formidable.

Our wood-cutting axes combine premium hardwood handles, precise weight balance and contoured heads for greater contact and wood chopping efficiency. And like all STIHL Precision Series™ hand tools, our axes come with a limited lifetime warranty. So whether you’re splitting firewood, knocking down tree limbs or blazing a trail into the wild unknown, STIHL has the right axe for the job.
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  1. 4 years ago
    Veery great product
    Bye far the best one I have ever used it splits any kind of wood with no problems I just done a whole truck load of hickory with it no problem great product if I have to bye a new one I will go back to this one for sure
  2. 5 years ago
    This is a wood smashing beast!
    Huge face for driving my wedges. Awesome sleeve for over strikes. Excellent head attachment. Makes me feel like Thor when I'm using it. Not for wimps. Super satisfying feel when using compared to all the other mauls I have ever used. Hook on end of ax face is super handy. An instant favorite tool of mine. Just get it and swing it like you mean it. You'll be glad you did.
  3. 3 years ago
    You'd think it was gas operated!!
    I've never split wood in my life until today. This maul is worth every penny. I was concerned that it may be too light but it went through pine and aspen in no time. I split wood for 3 hours before I got tired. Mostly because it was so much fun to use! The collar on the handle is handy but be careful. Hit it just right and it'll give you a zinger!!
  1. 2 years ago
    Solidly made
    I've had this for about 8 years. I use it occasionally for splitting kindling, which it does fairly well. My main use is for driving plastic felling wedges when felling trees. The head has enough weight for this purpose, without being so heavy that it's annoying to carry on my tool belt. The handle is long enough to get a good swing, but short enough so that it's not in the way when carrying. It's also short enough to fit in my box of chainsawing/tree felling tools. The handle is beginning to ... read more crack (from my own miss-hits, not a problem with the tool itself). I'm hoping I can find a replacement that fits.
  2. 2 years ago
    Good head weight
    I purchased this hatchet to split kindling and was reluctant to use it as it didn't fit well in my hand when it was toward the base for small cuts and I thought that it was too heavy for kindling. My wood stove uses 10" max lengths of wood and I cut a bunch of Cherry and Peach wood. I've been using this hatchet to split this hardwood and was surprised that it worked so well. I have yet had to use my splitting maul. It has enough head weight and carries enough momentum to chop some 6" diameter ... read more logs. It could have been a little sharper given the cost and I'm not sure why Stihl has to load the head and handle with stickers that are difficult to remove. Overall I am very pleased with the way the hatchet works.
  3. 10 months ago
    Multi Tool or Swiss Army Hatchet??
    So I’ve never owned a hatchet before, and always used a full size axe (double bit).. I got this one for driving wedged really and wow! I love it! It’s great for hammering wedges while cutting and the sharp end is great for sticking it into the tree so you can grab it when needed quick. It’s well made and the head is solidly attached. I also discovered that it works very well for camping as well, and can do most things a full size axe will without the weight and bulk! It’s fantastic at sizing ... read more up some tinder for that camp fire as well!! It fits well into the hand and seems to hold an edge well. I love it and use it every trim into the woods!!
  1. 5 years ago
    High quality axe!
    I just finished my itnitial use of the Forestry Axe. I used it to assist my power splitter in finishing off pieces which don't completly split during the normal cycling of the hydraulic splitter. The balance and ease of use are great. I also used it to split some pieces and it is very effective although I didn't purchase it for use as a splitting maul. I plan to take it to the woods for removing small limbs and branches and to set plastic wedges. The shorter overall length (27") is very nice for ... read more striking accuracy and seems to make it very efficient. While not a cheap tool, it is built to last and is very well made. The steel sleeve is a very nice feature for those of us who might tend to overstrike once in a while.
  2. 3 years ago
    Great axe but needs some TLC.
    This axe is a diamond in the rough. It is very well made. I don't think the head will ever come off thanks to Stihls 5 point attachment design. The hickory handle is very sturdy and very well protected from over strike with the metal collar covering the exposed shoulder. The steel "C60" seems very hard so it should hold an edge....once you put one on it. My axe was very dull, dare I say rounded. It's heavy enough that I probably could have chopped with it with out sharpening the edge, but I ... read more had to take a file to it just to shape the edge. The factory "edge" if you could call it that did not extend to either blade edge. I didn't like the lacquer and paint on the handle, so I removed it and finished it with several applications of boiled linseed oil for a much nicer looking and more importantly comfortable handle. The sheath is not very good. The Stihl dealer I bought mine from let me pick the best sheath from the other aces he had in stock and it still fell apart in less than a week, from the wear and tear it received while I was working to get the axe ready for use. You can imagine how it would work outside my home. All in all though the axe is very nice and will serve you well, once you give it a lot of love. For another $30 I bought an axe from Sweden that came razor sharp, a handle with no lacquer or paint and was sharp enough to shave with. I think the axe should be priced a little less or need a little less love.
  3. 4 years ago
    Awesome all around Axe.......
    After several months of using this Axe I'm am thoroughly impressed. I use it when Felling trees to drive wedges and it's great for limbing. It's always by my side while working in trees. The protection sleeve makes me worry less about an over strike and the weight is great.
  1. 2 years ago
    Great little hatchet
    Great little hatchet and a lot of bang for your buck. I got to dig through about 12 of these to find the best one. Some where uneven as far as the axe head and handle, but found probably 5 of the 12 that were straight as could be. The problem with the others, to me, was the hole in the axe head was off center... being a perfectionist this bugged me. So watch for that and compare seveal together and you'll get a good hatchet. I did and have used my extensively and have no complaints about it. ... read more Well, I didn't care for the paint so I took it off. German blade is 600grams, Ash Handle and just a great lightweight hatchet that you can do some big chores with.
  2. 1 year ago
    Pretty good light hatchet
    I have been using this little Axe/Hatchet around my property in East Texas mainly cutting Sweet Gum trees sprouting up. It is a handy size and weight for easy and convenient carry around my property so, I am more likely to have it with me than a bigger heavier axe. That being said, in general, I find this axe to be too light for general light clean up work on my property. The axe head itself seems to be a bit soft as it dulls too fast IMHO on soft wood. The axe/hatchet itself is a good ... read more compromise between convenience in size and weight and cutting power and efficiency. Above 2" diameter soft wood, this axe will struggle a bit but get the job done. Smaller material will cut in a good swing or two. The balance and dynamics using it are very good. The shape of the head (pattern) provides a very good 'bite' into stuff. I do wish the head was a bit heavier for more cutting power. I also find the cutting edge seems to dull a bit faster than some of my other axes so, that is a bit disappointing but, not out of line for how I see an axe like this being used. For light yard work and general light camping, it is a good choice with its balanced size and weight providing a good blend of functionality for limited work in recreational or backyard settings. The head pattern is a good one for someone new to axes who may not have the best 'aim' since the broad blade and cutting edge really sticks into the wood and doesn't slip off or deflect too easily. For more serious work such as limbing when cutting firewood and similar activities, a heavier and harder head is needed with more cutting power and a longer lasting cutting edge.
  3. 9 months ago
    Best head ever, replaced with longer handle - best mini axe ever !!!!!
    When I look at these hatchets at a STHL authorized dealer, 6 out of 7 had loose handles. But this did not discourage me because I know what makes a good axe/hatchet head and this one is superb ! Now fitted with a 20 inch handle it is a better small forest axe than Gransfors or any others that cost more than double what I paid even after the cost of fitting a better and longer handle. I would give this hatchet a perfect score except I guess I have to rate the handle it comes with. If you don't ... read more mind repacing the handle then this axe is for you. I give the axe head a 10 out of 10. I only Wish I could post pics of how beautiful it looks now :) Going to buy the forestry axe and yes, fit a bigger and nicer handle to it to make it the best all round axe money can buy for a fraction of the competition :) LOVE STHL axe heads (just not the handles so much) - still well worth buying. If I could buy just the heads then I'd buy them ALL !!!!!
  1. 6 years ago
    This axe is amazing!
    After breaking the third handle on my hardware store splitting maul, I stopped by my local Stihl Dealer and buought the "Pro Splitting Axe" to complement my PA50 splitting axe. This thing is amazing! Goes in like an axe and the weight of a maul to carry it through the nastiest of wood. Beautifully crafted and indistructable. The last axe you will ever buy!
  2. 2 years ago
    2 years ago I switched to a wood burning stove to heat my house instead of gas heat because gas is extensive and with my tree service job, I get wood for free. I've split wood before with cheap axes, but not nearly the amount I am now. I've never been the hydraulic splitter type, because I enjoy axe splitting and using my hands. Since Stihl is the best, most reliable, and my favorite brand for anything wood/outdoors, I decided to invest in a Stihl splitting axe. I decided the Pro Splitting Axe ... read more over the regular because of the steel overstrike sleeve. For my first swing I decided to put all my might in it to see what it's made of and easily plowed through the round and lodged straight into the block underneath. I was a fan from then on. 2 years later and it will still lodge into the block if I use to much force. The handle is perfectly shaped and the weight is perfect too. The axe head is the most heavy duty I've ever seen and the steel sleeve has saved me from many of overstrikes over 2 years. And after those 2 years of heavy use, the only difference is worn paint off the axe head. Its just as tight and sharp as the day I got it. You can't beat the price either. Its so worth it in reliability and overall function. I don't expect it, but in the event that the head loosens or the handle breaks, there's the lifetime warrantee too. Stihl Pro Splitting Axe owner for life!
  3. 1 year ago
    Your perfect splitting axe
    I did my research. I watched hours of reviews. After considering the formidable competition I felt that the STIHL Pro Splitting Axe was the best tool for the job and I must say my feeling was true. I managed to split almost a cord of wood before skipping off a knot and slicing the inside of my leg right down to the white meat. An ER visit and 11 stitches later, I’m still a happy customer and can’t wait to get out there and get at some more wood.. My advice is to be perfectly certain that you ... read more have the proper protective gear and wear it, in the heat or in the cold. Or you’ll be in the ER as well. This tool absolutely devastates wood, and does no less to flesh.. Believe me! With that being said, I highly recommend this Pro Splitting Axe, when wearing the appropriate protective gear.
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