BT 45 Core Adapter

BT 45 Core Adapter
The STIHL core drill adapter is easy to mount and easy to use.

Product Description

The STIHL core drill adapter easily mounts to the existing wood drill on the STIHL BT 45, and expands its capabilities to include drilling holes in concrete. The core drill adapter gives users a handheld, gasoline-powered core drill that can be used in a variety of outdoor applications where electrical power is not available. Standard adapters fit a wide range of manufacturers’ core bits and accessories. The water valve on the adapter adjusts to apply the right amount of water to cool the bit and flush the hole. The water attachment comes standard with a 5/8” adapter for core bits up to 1 ½” in diameter while an optional 1 ¼” adapter is available for mounting larger core bits from 1-5/8” up to 6”.


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