BT 45 Mixing Paddles

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BT 45 Mixing Paddles
BT 45 Light Duty Paint Mixer
BT 45 Heavy Duty Paint Mixer
BT 45 Heavy Duty Mortar Mixer
BT 45 Thinset/Joint Compound Mixer

Heavy duty mixing paddles custom designed to match your mixing needs.

Transform the BT 45 Planting Auger into your very own STIHL Mixer with the BT 45 Mixing Paddles. With the BT 45 Core Adapter, you can easily attach any of our 4 distinct stirrers, each with a specific job in mind. Whether it’s dry, powdery, liquid, light or heavy, you can match the mixing action of the stirrer with the viscosity of the materials. All mixers are made of steel and feature a powder-coated finish for attractive burr-free surfaces and edges to help rid your materials of any bumps or clumps. Their strong welded joints offer tough durability. Plus, three of our mixers come with a continuous guard ring to help protect your mixing tub while the STIHL stirrer spins nice and smoothly.