Here are 10 reasons why STIHL products are ONLY sold through servicing STIHL Dealers, and why you should buy from a STIHL Dealer:

  1. STIHL Dealers are outdoor power equipment specialists.

  2. STIHL Dealers offer advice in choosing the right products for your needs.

  3. STIHL Dealers service what they sell.

  4. A STIHL Dealer's service department is staffed with trained technicians.

  5. STIHL Dealers can provide operating and safety demonstrations.

  6. At a STIHL Dealership, products are assembled and serviced and not sold "in a box."

  7. STIHL Dealers complete your product registration for you.

  8. When you buy from a STIHL Dealer, you are guaranteed genuine STIHL products and parts - no cheap imitations.

  9. STIHL Dealers offer a full line of protective apparel.

  10. At a STIHL Dealership, you'll get face-to-face customer service.

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