How to Reload the AutoCut® 2-2 Trimmer Head on the FSA 56

Step 1:
Safety First!

  • Make sure the unit is switched off
  • Remove the battery from the unit
Step 2:
Depress the two tabs on the side of the cutting head to release the cover.

Step 3:
Remove the old spool and clean grass, dirt and debris from the inside of the cutting head.

Step 4:
As you hold the new spool, guide each line into the holes on the side of the trimmer head and push the spool into place.

Step 5:
Replace the cover by aligning the two cover tabs with the two slots on the trimmer head. Push the cover until you hear an audible “click.”

Step 6:
Pull on both ends of the trimmer line to tighten up the slack. Cut off any length of trimmer line that extends past the line limiter.

For specific instructions, view the full video or refer to the FSA 56 product instruction manual.


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