How to Build a Brick Mosaic

Whether it’s done solo or with family members, a heart-shaped brick mosaic is a fun and easy project that will be a perfect accent to any outdoor oasis.

Here are the step-by-step instructions on how to achieve this look:

1. Pick a spot
Select a location for the mosaic. Whether it be in the front yard, by the back patio or adjacent to the driveway, just make sure there is enough space to construct the mosaic. Next, clear out the brush to create a clean slate.

Pick a spot

2. Measure, mark and dig
Grab your tape measure and map out the selected area. Ideally, the area should be 5 ft. by 2 ½ ft. Use spray paint to draw three big hearts – two outside hearts facing up and the middle heart facing upside down. Once the outlines are completed, start digging. You’ll want to dig as deep as the height of a brick.

Tip: Use decomposed granite as the mosaic base.

Measure, mark and dig

3. Break the brick
Choose new or old bricks to add a variety of color. Use a brick hammer to break the brick into three triangular pieces.

Break the brick

4. Lay it down
Place brick pieces inside the heart outline. Start with two triangle pieces for the point of the heart and work your way up. Keep spacing between brick pieces around ¼ to ¾ inches apart.

Lay it down

5. Even it out
Use a level or a two-by-four to make sure all the bricks are even across the top. Backfill the brick with decomposed granite keeping the edges strong. Use water to get the granite soaked into the crevices. Pack it in and then add another layer so the bricks are completely in the ground. Repeat the process for the other two hearts.

Even it out

6. Blow it clean
Once the bricks are completely in the ground, use a blower to clean up.

Tip: Depending on the location, adding mulch is a great way to highlight the mosaic for a clean feel.

What you'll need

What you'll need:

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