Chapter 3: How STIHL Protective Chaps Work

Personal protective equipment is something you and your family use every day, whether it’s a helmet when riding your bike or motorcycle, gear for your kids when playing sports or even the seatbelts in your car. And it makes just as much sense and is just as important to wear personal protective items when you’re operating power tools, like a STIHL chainsaw. Watch this demonstration on the effectiveness of STIHL chainsaw protective chaps when coming into contact with a STIHL chainsaw. From lightweight apron chaps to winter protective pants, STIHL offers a complete line of chainsaw protective apparel for every season and every reason you cut.

When you use a chainsaw, always wear your chaps and other personal protective equipment as recommended in your chainsaw’s instruction manual. Learn more about our selection of protective chaps at your local STIHL Dealer.

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