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Dave Wass – STIHL Northwest

Oregon, Washington, Idaho, Alaska

Dave Wass is the Product Applications Specialist for STIHL Northwest.Prior to working at STIHL Northwest, he worked for a large STIHL Dealer in Northern Colorado for eight years as a Sales/Technical Specialist for STIHL products. Dave has completed the highest level of technical certification for STIHL by becoming a Certified STIHL Master Wrench Service® Technician.

Dave specializes in STIHL product demonstrations, information, technical assistance, and proper use/application of equipment to landscapers,contractors, municipalities, and government agencies.

Dave also works with STIHL Dealers' sales personnel to provide product training which assists them in helping their customers choose the correct products, protective apparel, and accessories to get their work completed more safely and efficiently.

Please note: The Professional Instruction Program is designed for professional landscaping, tree services and public utility service groups. If you’re a non-professional or homeowner user, please contact your local STIHL Dealer for information or click here to view the chainsaw safety, maintenance and operation videos.

Dave Wass
STIHL Northwest, Inc.
Phone: 360-790-0529
Fax: 360-748-1469

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