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Andrew Mattison - Intermountain STIHL

Colorado, Utah, New Mexico, North Dakota, South Dakota, Montana, Wyoming

Andrew Mattison is the Technical Sales Specialist for Intermountain STIHL. Prior to joining the Intermountain STIHL family, Andrew was a Lumberjack Sports competitor. His competitions over the last decade have taken him all over the United States. Throughout his time as a Lumberjack Sports competitor, Andrew gained technical and practical knowledge concerning chainsaws and outdoor power equipment. This skillset and knowledge are of certain benefit to his Technical Sales Specialist position.

Andrew specializes in STIHL product demonstrations, information, technical assistance, and proper use/application of equipment to landscapers, contractors, municipalities and government agencies.

Andrew also works closely with STIHL Dealers. He provides technical and sales training to Dealership staff, so they can more effectively assist STIHL customers with purchasing STIHL equipment, protective apparel and accessories.

Andrew Mattison
Intermountain STIHL 
Phone: 303-340-2787
Fax: 303-340-0377

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