Professional Instruction Program for Companies & Municipalities


STIHL can help you get the most from your equipment and help your crews reduce the risk of injury from accidents. Our distributors can connect you to a network of experienced instructors to demonstrate the proper use of our equipment and keep you up-to-date on relevant equipment information. Seminars can be tailored to fit your specific needs and group size.

Topics offered include:

  • STIHL equipment maintenance
  • Product applications (choosing the proper tool for the job)
  • Protective Apparel (PPE)
  • Features of STIHL products
  • Proper starting techniques
  • Proper fuel mixtures/storage
  • Choosing the proper accessory or cutting attachment for your needs
  • Explanation of STIHL GREEN technology
  • Easy2Start™, anti-vibration and other comfort features
  • Money-saving STIHL features
  • Authorized cutting attachments and much more
For more information, please contact the applications instructor closest to your region. If your area is not listed below and you need more information, please visit our Contact Us page.

Please note
: The Professional Instruction Program is designed for professional landscaping, tree services and public utility service groups. If you’re a non-professional or homeowner user, please contact your local STIHL Dealer for information or click here to view the chainsaw safety, maintenance and operation videos.

STIHL Applications Instructors for Companies and Municipalities:

Blue Mountain Equipment, Inc.
Austin, San Antonio, Houston, College Station
Derek Monell
Blue Mountain Equipment, Inc.
Oklahoma, Texas
Matt Rose
Bryan Equipment Sales, Inc.
Lower Peninsula of Michigan, Ohio, Kentucky, Indiana, West Virginia, Western Tennessee
Ken Morrison
Crader Distributing Company
Missouri, Kansas, Nebraska, Southern Illinois
Stan Woodfin
Intermountain STIHL
Colorado, Utah, New Mexico, North Dakota, South Dakota, Montana, Wyoming
Andrew Mattison
Mid-Atlantic STIHL
South Carolina, Western North Carolina, Eastern Tennessee
Keith Bender
Mid-Atlantic STIHL
Delaware, Maryland, Northern Virginia, Eastern West Virginia, Washington D.C.
Kenneth Glass
Mid-Atlantic STIHL
Southeast Virginia, Eastern North Carolina
Gary Causby
Midwest STIHL
Wisconsin, West Illinois, Eastern Iowa
Ambrose Depies
Midwest STIHL
East Illinois
Andrew Guetler
Midwest STIHL
Michigan-Upper Peninsula, Minnesota, Wisconsin
Steve Hagen
Northeast STIHL
Eastern Pennsylvania, Southeastern New York, New Jersey and Long Island
Carlos Mejias
Northeast STIHL
Connecticut, Rhode Island and Western Massachusetts
Andrew Krenz
Northeast STIHL
Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont and Eastern Massachusetts
Mike Pateneaude
Northeast STIHL
Connecticut, Westchester County, and Long Island NY
Brian Carolan
Northeast STIHL
Western Pennsylvania and Western New York
STIHL Northwest
Oregon, Washington, Idaho, Alaska
Dave Wass
Pacific STIHL
Southern California, Central Coast California, Los Angeles County, Orange County, Riverside County, San Bernardino County and San Diego County
Pacific STIHL
Arizona and Southern Nevada
Geoff Eichel
Pacific STIHL
Greater San Francisco Bay Area, Sacramento, Central Valley of California and Northern Nevada
STIHL Southeast, Inc.
Southeast Florida, Florida's West Coast
Kelvis Perez
STIHL Southeast, Inc.
North Alabama, North Georgia
Joel Mitchell
STIHL Southwest
Arkansas, Louisiana, Mississippi, East Texas
Casey Jones
My Servicing Dealer