Bring Natural Utility to Your Patio Space

Using wood cookies cut from logs, these side tables improve the aesthetic of your outdoor space while also adding some utility to your patio décor


Supplies needed:

Step 1: 
Measure and cut a 3" cookie from log.

Step 2:
Elevate the cookie and let it dry out to avoid cracking.

Step 3: 
Sand and stain the cookie to prevent moisture from penetrating and rotting the wood.


Step 4: Lay the cookie face down and attach the base to the cookie using three screws and washers.

Step 5:
Display in your outdoor space and enjoy!


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About the Author - Sara Bendrick

Licensed landscape contractor, author and TV personality, Sara Bendrick is best known for her work as the host of I Hate My Yard where she tackles the tough yards of homeowners and shows them the possibilities that exist for their exterior spaces. Sara shares her passion for improving spaces through landscape design by serving as an expert source of information and tips for STIHL customers and homeowners.