How to Make a Rustic Garden Bench


There's room for a rustic garden bench in almost any garden. And, it makes a nice quiet spot for you to relax. Follow our material and construction instructions to build a full-size bench for adults. By the way, it's really easy to make a child-size bench for the little ones, too!

What you’ll need:

Step 1: Make the feet

Chock the round timber with wooden wedges or similar to prevent it from rolling away.

Saw off two 12" thick pieces from your log.


Step 2: Cut the uprights and backrest

Along the length of the log, skim off the top 3" with your saw. With this piece, cut in half to create two 24" long uprights.

Next, cut another 3-4" along the length of the timber. This slab will serve as the backrest.


Step 3: Set the bench

Position the feet evenly spaced under the bench before setting.

This may require help, depending on the size of your log.


Step 4: Secure uprights to bench

Screw the uprights to the seat. Use two screws on each side.

For hardwoods, consider using a paddle bit to drill 1" or so into the upright to get the screw started.



Step 5: Secure backrest

Screw the uprights to the backrest.

Screw the wood slab onto the uprights at the desired height using two screws on each side.


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Please refer to your instruction manual