Trim Hedges and Shrubs for Definition

Bushes, hedges and shrubs possess a natural beauty that can boost the curb appeal of your home, while providing an attractive complement to lawns, trees, gardens and hardscapes. Well-trimmed plants also prevent your outdoor spaces from looking overgrown and open up walkways. Follow the steps below on how to trim hedges and bushes to help increase your curb appeal.

Supplies Needed:
STEP 1: Trim the bush or hedge

Start using a hedge trimmer near the bottom of the bush and work your way up toward the top. Move the hedge trimmer at a slow, stable pace.

STEP 2: Trim the Sides of the Hedge or Bush

Trim the sides of the hedge or bush at an angle, so that it's wider at the bottom and slightly narrower at the top.

Pro Tip: Having the bush or hedge angled this way will allow sunlight to reach the lower branches and root system to promote healthy growth.

STEP 3: Trim the Top of the Hedge or Bush

Cut the top of the hedge flat by holding the hedge trimmer perfectly level and slowly guiding it left to right, then right to left.

STEP 4: Clean Up the Mess

Use a blower to clean off the excess debris when completed

STEP 5 (Optional): Prune Low-Hanging Tree Branches

Prune low-hanging tree branches that obscure the view of your home from the road and reduce the aesthetic impact of your landscaping features.

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Sara Bendrick

Sara Bendrick is a licensed landscape contractor with more than ten years of experience specializing in residential design. She has been featured on several DIY Network programs, and is the author of "Big Impact Landscaping: 28 DIY Projects You Can Do on a Budget to Beautify and Add Value to Your Home."