Create a Welcoming Front Walk

The entrance of your home should be your firt point of focus. A great way to work with what you already have is to add color to your concrete walkway, steps and front door. Concrete can wear over time and become somewhat of an eyesore. Staining is an easy and perfect way to soften up the look of concrete in any landscape. Many colors of stain are available to complement your outdoor spaces. Follow the steps below on how to stain concrete walkways to help boost your home's curb appeal.

Supplies Needed:

STEP 1: Clean the concrete

Before you apply stain, thoroughly clean the concrete using a hose or pressure washer with a rotary surface cleaner.

Helpful Hint: This helps the stain soak entirely through.

STEP 2: Section off the Area

While the surface is drying, tape off the intended area.

STEP 3: Apply the Stain

Use a sprayer (handheld or backpack) to apply the stain.

Helpful Hint: Start from the far back corner and work towards the front so you do not get boxed in.

STEP 4(Optional): Apply a Second Coat of Stain

Once the first coat is complete, let it dry and apply a second coat if necessary.

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Sara Bendrick

Sara Bendrick is a licensed landscape contractor with more than ten years of experience specializing in residential design. She has been featured on several DIY Network programs, and is the author of "Big Impact Landscaping: 28 DIY Projects You Can Do on a Budget to Beautify and Add Value to Your Home."