Get Planting

Make a statement in your front yard with bright flowers and blooms. Follow the steps below on how to plant flowers to help increase your curb appeal.


Supplies Needed:
STEP 1: Dig Holes

Dig a few holes the width and depth of the selected plants along the walkways and other landscape features.

Pro Tip: Using an auger instead of a shovel will help you get through the planting process quickly.

Pro Tip: Dial 811 before you dig.

STEP 2: Fertilize

Amend the soil as needed and add some fertilizer to support healthy blooms.

STEP 3: Plant Flowers

Plant the flowers in the ground. Gently remove the plants from the container and use two fingers to loosen the root ball before setting in the ground. Refill with dirt, and soak with water.

Pro Tip: Select contrasting flower colors for more visual interest.

Pro Tip: Select flowers that are going to thrive in your area.

STEP 4: Fill in the Gaps

Cover the surrounding areas with dirt, and add mulch to help keep weeds at bay and retain moisture.

STEP 5 (Optional):Add Finishing Touches

To draw the eye toward the entryway of your home and add finishing touches, hang a wreath on the front door, and place a potted plant near steps.

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Sara Bendrick

Sara Bendrick is a licensed landscape contractor with more than ten years of experience specializing in residential design. She has been featured on several DIY Network programs, and is the author of "Big Impact Landscaping: 28 DIY Projects You Can Do on a Budget to Beautify and Add Value to Your Home."