How to Maintain Your Yard


Licensed landscape contractor Sara Bendrick delivers tips on how to maintain your yard and landscape like a pro in a few easy steps using the STIHL AK Homeowner series of battery-powered equipment. One battery. Multiple tools.

Step 1: Mow Before You Trim

Many people wonder, should you mow or trim your grass first? You should always mow before you trim. Mowing first allows you to more easily see what areas still need to be addressed using your trimmer. When finished mowing, simply transfer the battery from your STIHL mower to your battery-powered trimmer.

Step 2: Mulch or Bag the Trimmings

There are two ways you can go when it comes to dealing with lawn trimmings. You can either mulch them or you can bag and dispose of them. Mulching returns nutrients and moisture to the soil, but if you have a lot of leaf debris or weeds, you may want to bag for a cleaner look and to avoid contaminating your lawn with weed seeds.

Step 3: Use the Bump Guard

To lengthen the life of your trimmer line and protect your landscaping, utilize your trimmer’s bump guard (featured on the FSA 56 and FSA 57). The bump guard will help prevent line breakage and keep the trimmer line from damaging plants and other landscaping.

Step 4: Advance the Line

At some point during your project, your trimmer line will run short and need to be advanced. Advance the line as needed by simply tapping the trimmer head on a hard surface while running at full throttle.

Step 5: Clean Up

When finished mowing and trimming, transfer the AK battery from your trimmer to your blower and begin to clean up. Clear sidewalks, patios and driveways using your STIHL blower to create a clean, finished look for your project. You can even use it to blow off your trimmer and mower before you put them away.

Maintain your yard efficiently and effectively with this professional advice from Sara Bendrick and a little help from Battery Power. Made By STIHL.

About Sara Bendrick


Licensed landscape contractor, author and TV personality, Sara Bendrick is best known for her work as host of I Hate My Yard, where she tackles the tough yards of homeowners and shows them the possibilities that exist for their outdoor spaces. Sara shares her passion for improving spaces through landscape design by serving as an expert source of information and tips for STIHL customers and homeowners.

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