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Before 1926


Andreas Stihl

The company's founder, Andreas Stihl, is born in Zurich in 1896.

Before 1900

First sawing machines
The first sawing machines put an end to the purely manual forest work. The machines look strange and cumbersome today, but they were the first step in a development process involving generations of engineers and draftsmen, a process which is still continuing today to make the job of forest workers easier and safer.

With his inventions and his company, Andreas Stihl played a decisive part in molding this process.

1920's History


Foundation of Company

Foundation of the company
Andreas Stihl sets up the company A. STIHL Maschinenfabrik in Stuttgart, Germany and begins building forehearth plants and washing machines.

Bucking chainsaw with electric motor
Power output 2.2kW, weight 106 lbs. The first chainsaw built by STIHL is a two-man saw for use in mill yards.


20 Employees

The first employees
In addition to Andreas Stihl, the STIHL Company employs two other workers.


20 Employees
STIHL employs 20 men and women.

Type A

STIHL's tree-felling machine Type A
In 1929, Andreas Stihl presents his first chainsaw with gasoline engine: the two-man saw has a power output of 6 HP and weighs 101 lbs.

1930's History


Portable Chainsaw

First portable chainsaw
STIHL presents its portable gasoline-driven chainsaw at the Leipzig trade fair.


STIHL Exports

STIHL exports
Andreas Stihl travels to Russia and the USA and exports the STIHL tree-felling machine in considerable numbers. STIHL provides work for 51 men and women.


First Importer

First importer
The Defries company in Milan is the first importer with whom a business relationship is established.

Patented Saw ChainPatented Saw Chain

STIHL's patented saw chain
The company A. STIHL MASCHINENFABRIK in Stuttgart-Bad Cannstatt is awarded patent protection in 1932 for its 3-link patented "saw chain" with cutting and raking teeth for more efficient chip discharge.


Training by STIHL

Training by STIHL
The first apprentice starts his training with STIHL.

Automatic Chain Lubrication

Automatic chain lubrication
Chain and guide bar are automatically lubricated by an oil pressure lubrication system in the handpiece.


Bow Saw

Bow saw BBÜ This special-purpose saw is used in mill yards for cutting tree trunks to length.


Centrifugal Clutch

Centrifugal clutch
The centrifugal clutch ensures that the saw chain is automatically advanced as the engine speed increases.



Papermill purchased on the Rems river
Andreas Stihl buys the papermill in Neustadt (Waiblingen) on the river Rems — today's head office (plant 1)


Two-man saw BDKH
The two-man gasoline-driven chainsaw has a light aluminium alloy cylinder with chrome-plated surface. The machine weighs "only" 81 lbs. with a power output of 7 HP.



STIHL grows
STIHL workforce grows to 251 employees.

1940's History


Fewer Employees

Fewer Employees
Due to the war, the number of employees declines from 340 (in 1940) to 298.


KS 43KS 43

Two-man, gasoline-driven chainsaw KS 43
AFan, tank and carburetor housing of the KS 43 (8 HP, 79 lbs.) are made of particularly lightweight diecast magnesium.


Factory Destroyed

Factory destroyed
Factory destroyed by allied bombing during World War II.


Suggestions for Improvement

First suggestion for improvement
The first suggestion by a member of the workforce is put into practice within the framework of the company suggestion scheme (BVW).


Type 140

All-purpose tractor Type 140
STIHL's tractor is driven by an air-cooled two-stroke diesel engine built by the company.

The 40's - Facts and Figures

Employees in 1949
STIHL Founding Company: 271

1950's History



One-man gasoline chainsaw BL
The world's first gasoline chainsaw for a single operator (35 lbs.) is equipped with a manually adjusted swivel carburetor allowing the saw to be used not only for bucking, but also for felling.


Employee Turning Point

Number of employees reaches a turning point
215 men and women work for STIHL. From this all-time low in the company's postwar history, the number of employees working for STIHL gradually increased in the subsequent years.


BL 241

Earth auger BL 241
An attachment transforms the chainsaw model BL into a planting-hole drill.


Type 134

Two-stroke diesel engine Type 134
STIHL builds the two-stroke diesel engine to drive machines of every kind.


Gasoline chainsaw BLK
The first really light chainsaw weighs 24 lbs. Its model designation BLK stands for Benzin (petrol) - Leicht (light) - Klein (handy, compact).


STIHL Works ChoirSTIHL Works Choir

STIHL works choir
Singing together for fun, the STIHL works choir is founded.

Forest Combination BLK

Forest combination BLK
The range of uses of a chainsaw is considerably enlarged by the use of attachments: clearing saw ("badger")

Forest Combination BLK

Release-cutting saw ("marten")

Thinning saw ("beaver")

Post and Planting Hole Auger

Post and planting-hole auger

'Trash' Pump

"Trash" pump for suction and delivery


All-Position Diaphragm Carburetor

All-position diaphragm carburetor
It is only when equipped with a diaphragm carburetor that the chainsaw can be operated in literally any working position (e.g. for felling and bucking trunks without first having to swivel the carburetor by hand).


Eva Stihl

Eva Stihl joins the company
Andreas Stihl's daughter, Eva Stihl, joins the company. Eva Mayr-Stihl was Deputy Chairman of the Board of Management and Vice President Finance, Controlling and IT until June 2002.

Chainsaw ContraChainsaw ContraChainsaw Contra

Gasoline powered chainsaw contra
The use of power tools for forest work is finally established throughout the world with the advent of the STIHL Contra (6 HP, 26 lbs).

The 50's - Facts and Figures

Employees in 1959
STIHL Founding Company: 638

1960's History


Hans Peter Stihl Assistant Manager

Hans Peter Stihl becomes Assistant Manager
Andreas Stihl's eldest son, Hans Peter Stihl, joins the company as Assistant to the Management.


One Man Gasonline Chainsaw BL

Chainsaw 07
The gearless 07 is presented at the industry trade fair in Hanover. It is designed for use in medium-density stands.


Chainsaw 08

Chainsaw 08
The model 08 is not simply a chainsaw. Its drive unit is designed and built for a variety of applications. Attachments are gradually introduced for new areas of use:

Chainsaw 08

Two-man earth auger BT 308 (1964)

Chainsaw 08

Cut-off machine TS 08 (1965)

One-man earth auger BT 309 (1965)

Clearing saw FS 08 (1969)


1000 Employees

1000 employees
STIHL takes on the 1000th employee.

Anti Vibration System

Anti-vibration system
The chainsaw is now equipped with anti-vibration handle: carefully calculated buffer elements (red) absorb the vibrations produced by the engine and rotating chain before they are transmitted to the operator.


Chain and Bar Production

Production of chains and bars
Facilities for manufacturing saw chain and guide bars are completed in plant 2 in Waiblingen-Neustadt and production starts.


Chainsaw 040

Chainsaw 040
On the occasion of the company's 40th anniversary, STIHL presents the one-man chainsaw 040— it's a technical sensation: with a power output of 3.7 HP, the machine weighs only 15 lbs. For the first time, the power-to-weight ratio has been pushed below the level of 2.0 kg/HP.


Electric Ignition System

Electronic ignition system
The chainsaw model 041 AV electronic is the first machine with electronic ignition system ensuring trouble-free starting and optimum combustion.


STIHL Breaks New Records

STIHL breaks new records
The one-millionth chainsaw comes off the assembly line.

OILOMATIC<sup>®</sup> Saw Chain

OILOMATIC® saw chain with self-lubricating effect
Chain oil is reliably delivered to the chain through precisely calculated oil ducts in the drive links. Advertising slogan at the time: "The chain that oils itself."

SG 17SG 17

Mistblower SG 17
With its two-stroke engine, the mistblower SG 17 makes it much easier to spray liquids and granulated material, e.g. for crop protection and fertilization.

The 60's - Facts and Figures

Employees in 1969
STIHL Founding Company: 1582

New Firms Set Up
Austria (1966)

Central Sales Office Dieburg (1969)

1970's History


Chainsaw 030 AV

HChainsaw 030 AV
According to the trade journal "Holz und Motor," the new lightweight chainsaw 030 with 3 HP power output is an "uncomplicated high-speed saw." It is eagerly used by professionals for limbing and thinning, as well as by non-professionals.

Throttle Trigger

Throttle trigger lockout for chainsaws
The throttle trigger lockout which is henceforth installed as standard in all chainsaws prevents the chain starting up inadvertently.


1.5 Million STIHL Chainsaws

The 1.5-millionth STIHL chainsaw — an 020 AV — comes off the assembly line. STIHL leads the world market
Twelve years after introducing the STIHL Contra, STIHL has become the most widely sold chainsaw brand in the world.


STIHL Quickstop® STIHL Quickstop®

STIHL Quickstop® chain brake for chainsaws
Triggered via the hand guard in front of the handle

Chainsaw 031 AVE

Chainsaw 031 AVE
The 031 AVE with throttle trigger lockout, STIHL Quickstop® chain brake, hand guard and anti-vibration handle.


Death of the Founder

Death of the company's founder
The company's founder Andreas Stihl dies at the age of 76. The company's management passes to Hans Peter Stihl (general partner) and his sister Eva Mayr-Stihl (managing limited partner). Gerhild Schetter, née Stihl, and Dr. Rüdiger Stihl are also limited partners.

HS 200

Hedge trimmer HS 200
STIHL enlarges its range of garden care and landscaping equipment with the hedge trimmer attachment for the 020 AV chainsaw.

Handle Heating (Fig. 1)
Handle Heating (Fig. 2)

Handle heating for chainsaws
A switchable handle heating function ensures that the operator always has his machine under complete control, even in cold weather. Part of the exhaust heat is routed through the entire handle system for this purpose (Fig. 1). (From 1978 onward, the handles are heated electrically by means of heating elements, Fig. 2).


3000 employees
STIHL takes on the 3000th employee.

Occasional Chainsaw 015

Occasional chainsaw 015
The STIHL 015 is a chainsaw for DIY "occasional" users.


50th Anniversary

STIHL celebrates its 50th anniversary
STIHL commemorates its 50th anniversary with a big celebration.

Master Control Lever™

Master Control Lever™ for chainsaws
With the Master Control Lever™, the functions (cold start, start, run and stop) are operated easily and reliably via the handle.


FS 80

FS 80
Already an indispensable machine for all professional garden and landscape maintenance work, clearing saws are now also being used by private gardeners. The FS 80 is one of the first brushcutters, as the particularly lightweight clearing saws are known. This machine can be equipped with a variety of cutting tools.

The 70's - Facts and Figures

Employees in 1979
STIHL Group: 4406

STIHL Founding Company: 3489

New Firms Set Up
Prüm-Weinsheim (1971)
Australia (1971)
Brazil (1973)
Switzerland (1974)
USA (1974)
Great Britain (1978)

1980's History


Hans Peter Stihl's 50th Birthday

Birthday of Hans Peter Stihl
Chairman Hans Peter Stihl's 50th birthday. Hans Peter Stihl is awarded the Distinguished Service Cross First Class of the Order of Merit of the Federal Republic of Germany by Baden-Württemberg's Prime Minister Lothar Späth.


German Marketing Award

German Marketing Award
STIHL receives the highly coveted "German Marketing Award" from the German Marketing Association.

Blower BG 60

Blower BG 60
The handheld "air broom" quickly removes fallen leaves from large areas.


STIHL Continues to Grow

STIHL continues to grow
The STIHL founding company now employs 3488 men and women, including 2353 blue-collar workers and 1135 white-collar employees. The STIHL Group employs a total workforce of 5083 men and women.

Lateral Chain Tensioner

Lateral chain tensioner for chainsaws
The saw chain is now tensioned through the sprocket wheel cover, preventing contact with the chain.



BioPlus™ chain lubricant
The vegetable chain oil for ecologically aware users is rapidly biodegraded in the ground. BioPlus™ has been awarded the "Blue Angel" ecology mark since 1988.

German Logistics Award

German Logistics Award
STIHL receives the "German Logistics Award" from the Federal Logistics Association for its exemplary logistics organization.


STIHL Celebrates 60 Years

STIHL celebrates 60 years

Multifunction Handle for Brushcutters

Multifunction handle for brushcutters
Brushcutters are equipped with the ergonomically designed multifunction handle for easy operation. The various engine functions are controlled via this handle.


Ematic™ system for chainsaws
The Ematic™ system helps to protect the environment by reducing chain oil consumption and cutting operating costs.


President of the DIHT

President of the DIHT
On March 3, Hans Peter Stihl is elected President of the Association of German Chambers of Industry and Commerce (DIHT) in Bonn.

Clearing Saw FR 106

Clearing saw FR 106
STIHL introduces a brushcutter with a backpack power unit for mowing and maintenance jobs in particularly difficult conditions.

Catalytic Converter for Chainsaws

Catalytic converter for chainsaws
STIHL develops the world's first catalytic converter for two-stroke engines. It reduces the level of harmful hydrocarbons in the exhaust gas by 70 - 80 percent. The STIHL 044 C is the first chainsaw equipped with a catalytic converter.


President IHK

President of the IHK
On December 14, Hans Peter Stihl is elected President of the Chamber of Industry and Commerce (IHK) for the Stuttgart region.

The 80's - Facts and Figures

Employees in 1989

STIHL Group: 5407

STIHL Founding Company: 3453

New Firms Set Up
France (1980)
Canada (1981)
New Zealand (1983)
Spain (1984)
Belgium (1985)
Sweden (1987)
Norway (1987)

1990's History


50th Anniversary of the Training Workshop

50th anniversary of the training workshop
The STIHL training workshop celebrates its 50th anniversary. In 1990, 186 young people, including 25 students from the University of Cooperative Education (Berufsakademie) are receiving training from STIHL in the founding company.

Saw Chains with Service Mark

Saw chains with service mark
The new sharpening and wear marks on the chain teeth make it easier to resharpen the chain and to detect wear at an early stage.

Quiet Line™ for Brushcutters

Quiet Line™ for brushcutters
A spiral groove in the "quiet nylon line" reduces the unpleasant high-pitched tones which are produced when the nylon line rotates.



ElastoStart™ starter handle for chainsaws and power tools
Starting chainsaws and power tools is made much easier, for the damper integrated into the ElastoStart™ starter handle absorbs the peak forces perceived as jerks when pulling the starter rope.


Blower BR 320 L

Blower BR 320 L
With its backpack blower BR 320 L, STIHL introduces a low-noise blower specially designed for use in areas where noise is undesirable. The blower removes fallen leaves and refuse from large areas quickly and economically.


New Smaller ChainsawsNew Smaller Chainsaws

New smaller chainsaws
A new group of homeowner use chainsaws is introduced.

Special Saw 020 T

Special saw 020 T
The special saw for tree service is handy and can be guided with great precision. It is specially designed for in-tree use by tree service crews.

High-pressure cleaners and wet and dry vacuums

High-pressure cleaners and wet and dry vacuums
STIHL introduces high-pressure cleaners and wet and dry vacuums to round off its product range. The range includes hot and cold water high-pressure cleaners for all users. Wet and dry vacuums are similarly offered for both professional and around-the-home use.



STIHL ROLLOMATIC® light guide bar for chainsaws
The lightweight guide bar comprises two steel plates which are extensively cut out and the open areas filled with glass-fiber-reinforced polyamide, yielding a 38% reduction in weight.


023 L

023 L - the quietest gasoline chainsaw in the world
The model 023 L is the quietest gasoline chainsaw in the world.

Quick chain adjuster

Quick chain adjuster (QCA) for chainsaws
When working with a chainsaw, the chain stretches and must be retensioned from time to time. With the quick chain adjuster function, this can be done without any tools via a single adjusting knob. This extra convenience is first offered with the Compact chainsaw 023 C and later also with the professional chainsaw 026 C.

STIHL Quickstop<sup>®</sup> Chain Brake System

STIHL Quickstop® Chain Brake System for chainsaws
STIHL chainsaws come equipped with a STIHL Quickstop® chain brake designed to reduce the risk of injury in certain kickback situations. Some chainsaw models have the Q system consisting of two braking systems.

STIHL Quickstop® Chain Brake
Front hand guard activated either by manual movement of the hand guard forward or by inertia if there is sufficient force in the kickback. This system is designed to stop the chain within a fraction of a second.

STIHL Quickstop® Chain Brake Q Braking System
(on selected products)
The large throttle lockout lever activates the second brake system. The right hand must be completely removed from the rear handle. This system is designed to stop the chain within one second.

Cut Off Machine TS 400Cut Off Machine TS 400

Cut-off machine TS 400

The TS 400 cuts through steel as easily as through stone - a standard machine for the building trade, road construction, fire services and technical maintenance personnel.

TS 400

Earth auger BT 106 C
The BT 106 C is the first earth auger in the world to be equipped with the STIHL Quickstop® brake. If the drill jams in the earth, the drill brake is designed to trip before the operator loses control of the machine.


70 Years of STIHL

70 years of STIHL
STIHL celebrates its 70th anniversary as a company and the 100th birthday of the company's founder Andreas Stihl.

HT 75HL 75

Pole pruner HT 75 and special hedge trimmer HL 75
With their long reach, these landscaping machines make it possible to service trees and trim tall hedges without leaving the ground.


Toolless Tank Filler Caps

Toolless Tank filler caps
New toolless filler caps for fuel and oil tanks are introduced for the first time on the model 029 and 039 chainsaws. These caps can now be opened and closed without requiring tools.

The 90's - Facts and Figures

Employees in 1999

STIHL Group: 6063

STIHL Founding Company: 2938

New Firms Set Up
Italy (1990)
Japan (1990)
Czech Republic (1991)
Hungary (1991)
Poland (1992)
Mexico (1995)
Hong Kong (1995)
China (1995)
Vertriebs AG, Switzerland (1996)
South Africa (1996)
Rumania (1997)
Argentina (1998)
Greece (1998)
Portugal (1998)

2000's History


Demand for Chainsaws

Demand for chainsaws
Throughout Europe, STIHL chainsaws help to overcome the damage caused by the winter storm "Lothar."

MS 460

Emergency "RESCUE" saw MS 460
The MS 460 is the first emergency rescue saw designed to meet the needs of such rescue services as the fire service, technical maintenance personnel and emergency services.



Hans Peter Stihl Honarary President

Hans Peter Stihl becomes Honorary President
In February, Hans Peter Stihl resigns his positions as President of the DIHT and IHK and is simultaneously elected Honorary President of both associations.

Catalytic Converters for Occasional Chainsaws

Catalytic converters for occasional chainsaws
STIHL now also supplies its chainsaws for occasional users and other power tools with low-emission catalytic converter.

STIHL is 75

STIHL is 75
STIHL celebrates its 75th company anniversary with an official celebration from the government.


Distinction for Hans Peter Stihl

Distinction for Hans Peter Stihl
On the occasion of his 70th birthday, Hans Peter Stihl is awarded the Grand Cross with Star for Distinguished Service of the Order of Merit of the Federal Republic of Germany.

4 MIX<sup>®</sup> Engine

4-MIX® engine
The revolutionary mixture-lubricated four-stroke engine combines the advantages of two-stroke and four-stroke units: fewer emissions, lower weight, higher torque.

STIHL Expands

STIHL expands
The cornerstone for the new development center in plant 2 is laid in Waiblingen-Neustadt. With a volume of EUR 40 million, this is the biggest investment in new construction in the history of the STIHL company.


Topping Out Ceremony

Topping-out ceremony for new development center
The topping-out ceremony for the new development center was held in Waiblingen-Neustadt. The building marks the largest construction project in the history of the STIHL company, with an investment of more than EUR 40 million.


The clever starting aid for compact chainsaws and light brushcutters makes it much easier to start the machines.


STIHL Expands in Switzerland

STIHL expands in Switzerland
The first sod was turned for the extension to STIHL & Co. (chain production) in Wil. STIHL & Co. celebrated the company's 30th anniversary.

STIHL YARD BOSS<sup>®</sup>

Engine + Tool = YARD BOSS®. The YARD BOSS® has a power output of 0.75 kW and can be combined with the appropriate attachment for almost any landscaping job. Changing tools takes next to no time. Designed for universal use, this system has numerous applications such as lawn care, breaking up the soil and cleaning paths and patios. The frame simply folds down for convenient carrying, transport and space-saving storage.

Chancellor opens EWZChancellor opens EWZ

Chancellor opens EWZ
The new Engineering Center (EWZ) at Waiblingen/Neustadt was opened in the presence of Chancellor Gerhard Schröder. During a tour of the new building the Chancellor was visibly impressed by the technology. At 40 million euros, this is the biggest single investment in STIHL's nearly 80-year history.

MS 880

Chainsaw MS 880
With a power output of 6.4 kW (power to weight ratio 1.6 kg/kW) the MS 880 chainsaw is the range-topping model in STIHL's chainsaw line. Designed for tough demands and extreme stresses when working in hard wood.


TS 700

Cut-off machine TS 700
From steel to stone, concrete or asphalt, the STIHL TS 700 with its 5.0 kW power output copes effortlessly with even the toughest applications. The redesigned two-stroke engine with stratified scavenging technology already complies with the strict future exhaust emission limits. The long-life air filter system with cyclone air routing enables long filter life. The FW 20 cart was developed specially for use with the TS 700.



Hans Peter Stihl Honored

Hans Peter Stihl Honored
Hans Peter Stihl has been inducted into the symbolic "Hall of Fame". Since 1992, the German "manager magazin" has paid this tribute to entrepreneurs, politicians and unionists for their outstanding contributions to German industry.

Groundbreaking Ceremony
Groundbreaking Ceremony

Groundbreaking ceremony for new STIHL factory in China


Hans Peter Stihl Dedicates New Virginia Beach Facility

New Production Facility in Virginia
Hans Peter Stihl, son of STIHL founder, Andreas Stihl, dedicated STIHL Inc.'s newest facility, a 60,000-square-foot guide bar production plant. The addition of the new plant pushed STIHL Inc.'s growth to more than one million square feet of manufacturing and administration space in Virginia Beach, representing a 4900% increase since 1974, when STIHL Inc.'s operations began. According to Mr. Stihl, "This extraordinary growth is unprecedented within our global manufacturing efforts."


STIHL recognizes 1,000th Gold level service technician
Gold level training is the third step in the STIHL technical education program that certifies STIHL service technicians. Technicians participating in this training provide service for the company's product line at dealerships across the nation.

Handheld Blowers and Shredder Vacs Set New Standards

Handheld Blowers and Shredder Vacs set new standards
As compared to previous models, the new STIHL BG 86 and BG 86 C-E handheld blowers and the SH 86 C-E shredder vac provide the same level of performance while offering a 20% reduction in fuel consumption, which lowers operating costs and significantly reduces exhaust emissions.


Recognized as one of America's Greatest Brands
The American Brands Council recognized STIHL as one of America's greatest brands. STIHL is featured in the 2009 edition of America's Greatest Brands, a hard cover coffee table book recognizing some of the strongest and most trusted brands in the United States.

2000's - Facts and Figures

Employees in 2005
STIHL Group: 8576

STIHL Founding Company: 3661

New Firms Set Up
Ukraine (2002)
China, Qingdao (2005)
Bulgaria (2005)

Since 2010


Breakthrough Award

STIHL Earns Popular Mechanics Breakthrough Award
Popular Mechanics honored STIHL with a 2010 Breakthrough Award for the STIHL HSA 65 hedge trimmer, the first product with 36-volt STIHL Lithium-Ion battery-power technology. The HSA 65 was one of only 10 products recognized with a Breakthrough Award which celebrates the “most brilliant innovators and products of the year.”



STIHL grows 16 percent and achieves record turnover
The STIHL Group upped its turnover 16 percent in 2010 to EUR 2.363 billion (10.1 percent, had currency exchange rates remained unchanged). The growth is due to higher unit sales.

85th Anniversary

STIHL celebrates 85th anniversary
The family-owned STIHL company celebrated its 85th anniversary with more than 7,000 guests on 16 July. Employees and their families as well as company retirees were invited to the fete at corporate headquarters in Waiblingen-Neustadt.


Built in the US

Built in America* campaign debuts
STIHL Inc. produces its 50 millionth powerhead, and Built in America* campaign debuts. The state-of-the-art facility in Virginia Beach, Virginia manufactures millions of finished products every year and exports them to over 90 countries around the world.


2013 World Champs

STIHL TIMBERSPORTS® World Championships come to Stuttgart
The 2013 STIHL TIMBERSPORTS® World Championships took place in Stuttgart on October 25th and 26th 2013. Over 100 athletes from more than 20 nations will be competing against one another with the axe and saw in individual and team contests.

2013 AME Award

2013 AME Award
The Association for Manufacturing Excellence (AME) honored STIHL Inc, with the 2013 Manufacturing Excellence Award.


40th anniversary

STIHL Incorporated celebrates 40 years of manufacturing in the U.S.
STIHL Incorporated, the headquarters for U.S. operations for the worldwide STIHL Group in Virginia Beach in Virginia, celebrated its 40th anniversary of manufacturing in the U.S.. What began with fewer than 50 employees assembling one model of chain saw in a rented warehouse in 1974 has grown into a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility.

STIHL TSA 230<sup>®</sup>

World's First Battery-Powered Cut-off Machine - TSA 230 STIHL Cutquick®
STIHL introduces another world’s first – a cut-off machine powered by 36-volt LITHIUM-ION battery technology. The TSA 230 STIHL Cutquik® cut-off machine delivers maneuverability and solid cutting performance in a lightweight, compact package that can be used indoors.



STIHL Introduces World's Only Electric Start Professional Backpack Blower, BG 450 C-EF
The electric start technology allows professionals to start and stop the unit while wearing it on their back, which removes idling while walking to the next job


90th Anniversary

STIHL Celebrates 90th Anniversary
With a power output of 6.4 kW (power to weight ratio 1.6 kg/kW) the MS 880 chainsaw is the range-topping model in STIHL's chainsaw line. Designed for tough demands and extreme stresses when working in hard wood.

90 Million Euro Buildings

STIHL inaugurates new 90-million euro buildings
STIHL inaugurated its latest investments in Germany on March 4, 2016: an extension to the engineering center and a new production logistics building in Waiblingen-Neustadt.

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