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Ready to Become an Authorized STIHL Dealer?

Ready to Become an Authorized STIHL Dealer?

The over 9,000 STIHL Dealers in the United States may look a little different from one another. From the logging shop in Washington to the lawnmower store in Wisconsin, these entrepreneurs truly define the meaning of independent. But despite their small differences, they all have one big thing in common: they service what they sell. And that’s one of the things that sets STIHL Dealers apart.

This in-store service is also why you won’t find the number one selling brand of chainsaws in the world in the big box stores. STIHL is sold through independent servicing Dealers and offers a network of support, including online technician training, merchandising systems and aggressive marketing.

If you’re ready to service what you sell, please send an email containing the information listed below to:

  • Store type (farm, hardware, OPE, etc.)
  • Hours of operation
  • Estimated annual sales of total business
  • Other outdoor power equipment/product lines/brands that you currently sell or plan to sell to your customers
  • Repair services offered
  • Why you should be considered to be a STIHL Dealer
  • Your full contact information (name, address, city, state, ZIP code, phone number, email address and website address)

A representative from the STIHL Branch or STIHL Distributor in your area will contact you to learn more about your business.

Thank you for your interest in selling STIHL products!

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