A Pop of Winter Flowers

A Pop of Winter Flowers

‘Tis the season for the holidays, comfort food, sleigh rides, family gatherings, and glowing warmth from the fireplace. Depending on your region, the vibrant greens of spring and summer may fade to ambers and scarlets and on to umbers and silvers. The overcast sky tosses a grey mist over the landscape with perhaps a light dusting of pearly snow settling on the lawn. The sight of winter is hazily beautiful, and a pop of colorful winter flowers contrasted against muted tones can bring striking life to your home. Winter landscaping and winter flowering plants can cultivate a sense of welcome and cheer at your doorstep. Here is a short list of winter flowers that burst with vibrancy even in frosty air:

Winter Pansies

Pansies manifest in a spectrum of colors from red to violet and enjoy full but cool sun, making them ideal for a vivid winter garden, surviving temperatures down to the mid-20s. They require rich soil with good drainage. For a winter bloom, plant them in the fall.

Ornamental Kale

Kale isn’t simply a leafy vegetable to be roasted or dried into chips. Ornamental kale can also spice up your garden during the colder months with its energetic purple color. This biennial thrives in potting soils and full sun and can survive in single-digit temperatures if the climate change does not occur too rapidly.

Winter Jasmine

The bright yellow flower of the winter jasmine can break through the overcast winter sky to bring sunlight back into your garden. Though it is scentless, unlike other jasmine plants, this miraculous winter plant can grow up to 15 feet tall to exquisitely climb decorative fences or trellises. Though this plant grows relatively easily in full sun and easily draining soil, it does require pruning maintenance to make sure it does not overcome other plants. STIHL has a variety of hand pruners for precise cutting.


These annuals are perfect for mild winter climates thriving in temperatures between 32 and 68 degrees. They require full sun to partial shade. From shimmering blue to deep reds and purples, these beauties can liven southern winter gardens.

Christmas Rose

This flower, also known as hellebore, typically blooms November to February. Requiring partial shade and moist but well-drained soil, this perennial grows between 12 to 15 inches tall. The pure white petals can intensify the mystical, alabaster beauty of winter.

At the same time, don’t forget about your other perennials that will rise and shine in warmer conditions! Keep an eye on the weather and water your plants before expected freezing temperatures. Before the frost arrives, be sure to be prepared with protective plant coverings such as sheets, cardboard boxes, or pre-made covers, and make sure they are secure from intruding winds. When the weather becomes warm enough, remove the cover.

With these flowers that bloom in winter, you can set a welcoming tone for the season of visiting family and friends. Find your local STIHL Dealer to access the appropriate tools to bring a glow to your home during the winter season.