STIHL Chaps Guide

Chaps that Work as Hard as You Do

The STIHL Chaps Guide will help you choose the ideal pair of chaps for your intended use – the correct fit, which to wear based on the weather, as well as proper care. These durable, high-quality STIHL chaps are manufactured right here in America* and will help keep you protected while you’re hard at work.

How to Measure Chaps Properly

What to know: STIHL chaps are measured by overall length from the waist down.


STIHL chaps come in sizes 32, 36, and 40. Please see below for sizing in inches, and measure your inseam and outseam before you choose a size.

32 = Inseam of 29”- 30” and Outseam of 32”- 36”

36 = Inseam of 31”- 32” and Outseam of 36”- 40”

40 = Inseam of 32”- 33” and Outseam of 40”- 44”

(inch sizes are approximate)

First Things First: Get Chaps That Fit

WRONG - fit is too short and leaves leg exposed

WRONG - fit is too long and could catch on things

CORRECT - chap covers boot top, does not touch boot toe (best length is between the top of the boot and the top 2nd or 3rd lace hook)

Summer vs. Winter Chaps

Experience optimal comfort and get needed protection when you choose the right chaps for the weather you’re out in. STIHL specially designs chaps to keep you warm or cool, depending on your working needs.

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Performance Standards Matter

STIHL chaps are classified by UL® (Underwriter Laboratories Inc.) as chainsaw cut-resistant leg protection for all operators of gas-powered chainsaws by using ASTM (American Society of Testing & Materials) F1414 Test Method and ASTM F1897 performance standard. See complete marking on the products.

How to Wash Chaps

Close hook-and-loop fasteners and zippers
Machine wash in warm water only
Use mild detergent
Tumble dry

Use fabric softener
Dry clean

Usage Levels - Find the Right Pair For the Job


Pro Mark™ Protective Apparel

  • Designed for use with Professional STIHL units
  • Ideal for professional users, helping protect against injuries they may face during frequent use

Performance Protective Apparel

Performance Protective Apparel

  • Designed for use with Farm & Ranch
  • Ideal for personal and work-related tasks

Woodcutter Protective Apparel

Woodcutter Protective Apparel

  • Designed for use with Homeowner STIHL units
  • Ideal for the occasional user but surpasses the standards requires for personal protective apparel

*Manufactured in America from domestic and foreign parts and components.