Learn Why STIHL Produces Its Own Saw Chain

Learn Why STIHL Produces Its Own Saw Chain

STIHL custom designs and manufactures its own saw chains for all its machines in-house to exacting standards. After all, the number one selling brand of chainsaw in the world deserves a chain that matches its quality and dependability.

Ematic™ Bar Lubrication System
When used with STIHL OILOMATIC® saw chain, it will provide optimal lubrication, longer wear and less oil consumption than conventional methods. Two ramps, strategically placed in the guide bar rail, help contain the flow of oil and direct all lubrication to where it is needed. The Ematic™ system can reduce bar oil consumption up to 50%.

Ematic™ S Feature
A new angled oil delivery hole for the STIHL ROLLOMATIC®E Super Guide Bars in the longer lengths of 28" to 41" is designed to improve oil flow to the saw chain.

Pre-stretched Chain
All STIHL OILOMATIC® saw chain is pre-stretched before leaving the factory. This helps eliminate excessive chain stretching during break-in period, and reduces maintenance time and component wear.

OILOMATIC® Drive Links
  • OILOMATIC® channels funnel oil to rivets, reducing friction and wear
  • Reduces volume of bar oil needed
  • When the OILOMATIC® saw chain is combined with the STIHL Ematic™ Guide Bar. It becomes a Lubrication System, reducing bar oil consumption by up to 50%.
Chromed Cutters
  • Stay sharp longer with less filing
  • Filing angle indicator mark for easier filing
  • Wear indicators
Hardened Rivets and Chamfered Rivet Holes
  • Rivets withstand high loads
  • Smooth rivet holes with no microscopic cracks
  • Reduces friction and stretching
Tie Straps
  • Specially designed tie straps help reduce vibration
  • Absorbs impact energy from contact of cutter to wood surface