Add Curb Appeal to Your Home

Add Curb Appeal to Your Home

You take great care of the inside of your home, so why not take great care of the outside as well? Keeping your property well maintained and beautiful can increase the value of your home and help to beautify your neighborhood. STIHL has many resources and outdoor power equipment products to help you give your property the attention it needs to dazzle your neighbors and guests. Increasing your curb appeal does not have to be a tough job. Follow these simple DIY steps to have the best looking house on the block.

View our resources and increase your home and property’s value with these front yard landscape ideas:

Trim Your Hedges

Trimming hedges doesn’t have to be a chore, especially with a STIHL hedge trimmer.

Keep Your Trees Looking Uniform and Pruned

Another idea to increase curb appeal is trimming any straggling branches and uniformly trimming your trees. The STIHL HT 103 pole pruner allows users to reach low-lying branches or trim ones higher up with ease and comfort.

Care for Your Lawn

Lawns take a beating throughout the year, from seasonal temperature changes to foot traffic, unpredictable weather and more. STIHL has a number of simple solutions and tips for improved curb appeal lawn care, no matter what Mother Nature throws at it.

One solution to treating an unhealthy-looking lawn is aeration, which reduces soil compaction and creates a channel through which oxygen, water and nutrients can penetrate the soil for stronger grass growth. Aerate your lawn with a STIHL YARD BOSS®.

Give Your Lawn A Cut

Keeping your lawn clean and at a uniform length can make a huge difference when it comes to your home’s curb appeal. STIHL has a full line of battery-powered homeowner lawn mowers to keep your lawn fresh and trimmed and help you on your way to the perfect DIY landscaping look. Learn more about creating clean lines and edges around your property with a STIHL edger.

Clean and Polish Your Surfaces

Give the outside of your home a facelift with this simple house curb appeal solution. Whether brick, stone or siding, use a powerful high-pressure washer from STIHL to give your home a new sheen and add to your property’s overall appeal. You can also pressure wash flat outdoor surfaces, like your deck, sidewalk, patio, and driveway for a clean and fresh look.

Be sure to read and follow the directions in the instruction manual to ensure you follow proper procedures for the type of surface you are cleaning. Certain accessories, like the rotary surface cleaner can help quickly and easily loosen ground-in dirt from your surfaces.

Clear Your Space

Refresh your flower beds to brighten and grow your front curb appeal. Get started with STIHL pruning gloves and hand pruners, like the PP 10, PP 40 or other pruner options to tackle overgrowth and clear your flower beds. Follow our easy guide from certified arborist Mark Chisholm and follow these steps to properly prune your property.

Prepare Your Soil

Nourish your flower beds with composted yard waste like grass cuttings, tree and hedge trimmings, leaves, and withered flowers. Mulch and compost contain a number of valuable raw materials that can naturally supply your garden soil with important nutrients.

You can also rejuvenate flower beds and other planting areas with the BF-KM Mini-Cultivator attachment for the STIHL KombiSystem.

Plant Your Flowers

You can beautify your yard when you plant fresh flowers, plants and shrubs, but it is important to plant your landscape properly for the perfect DIY curb appeal look.

Want to add more decoration and spice to your yard and further up your front curb appeal? Use our how-to video and build your own decorative planter boxes. Don’t forget to add your own creative touches!