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STIHL Lithium-Ion Battery FAQs

STIHL Lithium-Ion Battery FAQs

How long will a STIHL Lithium-Ion battery last?

STIHL estimates a maximum 20% loss of original battery capacity after 500 charges. What this translates to in terms of remaining battery capacity:

  • >500 charges = 80% of original battery capacity
  • >1000 charges = 60% of original battery capacity
  • >1500 charges = 40% of original battery capacity
  • >2000 charges = 20% of original battery capacity
  • Ultimately, the user will need to decide when to replace a battery based on remaining battery capacity requFwhat is ired.

How do I dispose of batteries?

A spent battery must be disposed of properly in accordance with your municipality's waste disposal rules and regulations.

STIHL is committed to the development of products that are environmentally responsible. This commitment does not stop when the product leaves the STIHL Dealer. STIHL has partnered with the RBRC (Rechargeable Battery Recycling Corporation) to promote the collection and recycling of spent STIHL Lithium-Ion batteries. The RBRC seal can be found on every STIHL rechargeable battery and indicates that STIHL has prepaid for recycling the battery. The seal has a toll-free phone number (1-800-822-8837) which you can call to obtain the closest battery recycling location, or you can visit RBRC has over 30,000 collection sites, and many of our STIHL Dealers are enrolled as collection sites.

Can I overcharge a battery?

With use of an approved STIHL charger (AL 100, AL 300, and AL 500), overcharging is not possible.

What do the flashing lights mean on my charger?

  • A red flashing LED on the charger indicates the following:
    • No electrical contact between battery and charger - remove and reinstall the battery
    • Faulty battery (4 LED's on the battery will also flash red for approximately 5 seconds)
    • Faulty charger
  • A constant green LED indicates that the battery is being charged or that the battery is cooling off in preparation for charging.
  • See your product instruction manual for more information.

Is the battery interchangeable among all STIHL Battery products?

Yes, the AP 180 battery can be used interchangeably in any of the STIHL Battery-Powered products currently available. The AP 80 is not recommended for the MSA 160 C-BQ, MSA 200 C-BQ, RMA 370, RMA 410, HTA 65, HTA 85, and TSA 23.

What is the run and charge time for my STIHL Lithium-Ion Battery?

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