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Testimonials: Thank You STIHL

Testimonials: Thank You STIHL

Matthew T. - Argyle, TX

There are so many manufacturers of equipment, but, I have work to do, so I only use STIHL. My better half thinks I'm Superman, but I'm just a MAN OF STIHL. Keep building the best in the business. Please don't ever put greed ahead of quality. Live by that, and I am a customer for life.

Matthew T.
Argyle, TX

Robert W. - North Waterboro, ME

Wow and Thank you, Great service after the sale at Wescotts, I went in with a Problem and they Quickly Diagnosed the problem.. I will definately buy from you guys again, and word of mouth goes along way with my circle of friends. Thanks Again

Rob W.
North Waterboro, ME

Mike B. - Michigan

Nice job on the ad with the USA Today paper. I am only a homeowner, not a landscaper, but own several of your products. The irony of this is I didn't even know you were an American made company, and I'm from SE Michigan. Landscapers seem to use your products exclusively. Anyone that owns a business is going to buy what works. I can openly say I have never had a problem with your products and even brought a blower as a birthday gift for a neighbor. I know, kinda odd but his leaves in his garage were driving me crazy. I have oaks and pines all around my home, because of that, I am always blowing the drive and garage, including in the winter. 8 years with some cold weather starts and no problems......And American made. This just made my day. PS - (chainsaw / blower / Edger / Hedger are what I own)

Mike B.

Matthew H. - Mesa, AZ

I saw your commercial on Fox 10 news in the morning. I don't need any equipment right now, but when I do I am going to look for your product. Made In The USA has become very important to our family since the economy has slumped and we look for products made at home. I know a lot of conservatives feel this way. Good luck for promoting Made in the USA.

Matthew H.
Mesa, AZ

Alex S. - Iowa

My parents used to own a small repair shop in West Burlington Iowa called Power House. It was open for 13 years! For the last 8 we sold STIHL. The shop was my world and STIHL was a big part of that. When I was in high school all my papers had to do with STIHL! From Speech class on How To Change A Chain And Bar (my teacher thanked me for not teaching the kids how to bake cookies) to my business classes! STIHL was the brand - the name - I could trust. My friend always made jokes on how I couldn’t go a week without wearing something STIHL! On my 16th Birthday STIHL TIMBERSPORTS® aired on ESPN2 .... AND there I was in the VIP tent with my family!!!! ( BEST BIRTHDAY EVER). Sadly, my Dad, the owner of the Power House, got hurt... Not by in a car wreck or doing something stupid, but when fixing a lawnmower. He twisted his neck too far and ripped 3 or his arteries in his neck up by his brain. I am so thankful that he is still here with us, but we had to shut the shop down. My Dad now has a 30lb weight limit for the rest of his life. As a girl, I am so thankful that STIHL is the one thing we will always have in common!!!! So Thank You STIHL for making the past 8 years of my life the common bond that I can ALWAYS share with my Dad even if the shop is closed. Also I got my Sr. pics taken with STIHL chainsaws!

Alex S.

Bradley H. - Edwardsville, IL

Several years ago, my wife and I started a Yard Care Service. Not knowing much about equipment, we ask around for the best advice. Bottom line, was we were referred to Bertels Equipment in Dorsey Illinois and told to ask for Vance. Vance was above and beyond helpful to us new comers. He took his time and explained what he thought would be best. As our business has been blessed, we have come back to Vance and bought more equipment. Below is our list of STIHL equipment that we use and are very proud of. We have (2) FS 90R line trimmers- HS 45 Gas Hedge Trimmer- FC 90 Edger- BG 86 blower and BR 550 gas blower. I was cleaning them and getting ready to have them service, when I realized that these units have been used a lot, but yet we have had no problems and when wiped off, they look brand new. I wanted to share this story with any new customers that are not sure what equipment to purchase... My best referral would be if you are in this area, to call Vance at Bertels Equipment and he will take his time and make sure you have what is needed... for your company and your bottom line... Thank you

Bradley H.
Edwardsville, IL

Ron F. - Kent, OH

The attached pictures are from the Raingutter Regatta my sons’ cub scout pack had a couple Mondays ago. The first picture is my two boys racing their boats against each other (in case you are wondering what a Raingutter Regatta is). The second two are the STIHL boat that one of the other cub scouts made. I thought maybe our STIHL rep would get a kick out of it, so I asked the boys dad if I could take a picture and forward. His dad says he is a big STIHL equipment fan, and he has even taken him to the local equipment dealer to browse the equipment. Enjoy.

Ron F.
Kent, OH

Kevin H. - Washington

Battery Powered Chainsaw - Kevin H Testimonial
Child's Chainsaw - Kevin H Testimonial

I purchased a little toy chainsaw for my two year old last year for Christmas and he absolutely loves it. He packs that thing everywhere.

Kevin H.

Larry M. - Tiptonville, TN


I just wanted to thank your company for making the most durable dependable and reliable power equipment that I have ever owned. I am having a very hard time trying to wear your products out! I own a BG55 leaf blower, a MS170 chainsaw and a . I have had all three for many years now... trouble free years!

Two years ago, I received a coupon from STIHL in the mail for $25.00 to be used on any of your products. I decided to use the coupon to try a new weed eater. I have not even put any gas/oil in the tank because my old one still runs perfect!

Thanks again for your wonderful power equipment. I will never use anything else!

Larry M.
Tiptonville, TN

Aaron B. - Hudsonville, MI

I absolutely love your products... I am a junior in high school and I operate a small time lawn care and landscaping business. I am fairly young, but I have experience with nearly every product you and your competitors make. STIHL far surpasses their products and my expectations every time. Right now, I run two older chainsaws my dad passed down to me: a BR 600, an FS 45, and an FS 90R with kombi attachments. I love them all and can’t imagine life without something so dependable. I hope to purchase a hedge trimmer soon so I can stop renting one. Anyways, love the products and keep up the good work. I would love to promote your brand – I am very knowledgeable about it. So I guess in short, I am kind of asking for a t-shirt, or sticker I can put on my trailer, because I do believe you have a superior product and the world should know. Anyways let me know and keep up the good work!

Aaron B.
Hudsonville, MI

Chris - Tennessee

I have been using STIHL products for around 15 years. I started my own lawn care business with the help of my dad when I was 14 years old using his FS85 trimmer. As I grew older and was able to build my business I purchased my own FS85 and a shiny new BR320 backpack blower. I began getting more and more customers and purchased additional STIHL trimmers. I recently left the lawn care business and purchased a new home where my FS85 and BR320 are still in use today. I have got to give credit where credit is due, STIHL power equipment is built to last!! My FS85 has been put through its paces, put up wet and ran hard tank after tank of fuel. Now retired from everyday use it is still in its 10th year and recently developed a starting problem. Now let this be proof of just how awesome STIHL products are, I tore the engine down to try and locate the problem. One of the piston rings was broke in 3 places and fell out when I removed the cylinder. Just for curiosity sake I re-assembled the engine with the broken ring removed and have used the trimmer all summer long and have not noticed one bit of power loss!! I have also got to brag a little on the BR320 blower as well, about 2 weeks after I purchased it one of my guys backed over it with a truck cracking the fuel tank and breaking the backpack assembly.We repaired the broken plastic, fixed the tank and it has ran like a top ever since!! With products this tough, how could you purchase anything else? STIHL products have always been and will continue to be my product of choice!!!


Megan R. - Butler, MO


This is one member of the household who backs STIHL.... and practices safety too!!

Megan R. Butler, MO

Matthew V. - Forest Hill, MD

I work for Baltimore, Gas & Electric as a Lineman. We recently ordered several STIHL HT 131 Telescoping Pole Pruners. This past week we came up against Hurricane IRENE which knocked almost a million customers out of power. These Saws were a life saver and really played a large role in helping us get power lines back up and restore power to hundreds of thousands of people. I just wanted to say thank you for making a great product.

Thank you, Matthew V.
Forest Hill, MD

Cathy P. - Gulfport, MS


Two years ago I commissioned a wood sculptor by the name of Marlin Miller from Florida to carve a replica of a Stihl chainsaw for my Father, Jack Crumley, for his 87th birthday. Mr. Miller carved an amazing replica of a STIHL chainsaw with his STIHL chainsaw. My Father was a self employed pulpwood contractor for 40 years and he used and loved the STIHL brand. He preferred STIHL compared to others brands because it was lightweight, had higher RPM's and would definitely cut wood faster and more efficiently. He actually lived and breathed everything to do with cutting pulpwood and using his chainsaw. Even in his later years after retiring, he would service chainsaws and file chains for other people. On Tuesday, August 9, 2011, my precious Father passed away. It was an obvious choice by the family to use this one of a kind carved STIHL chainsaw for his memorial service that was presented to him two years prior. Golden Funeral home in Bastrop, LA,was responsible for adding silk greenery and foliage to represent the outdoors in honor of my Father. The STIHL chainsaw through the years brought much joy to my Father, and we could think of NOTHING that would have represented his love for the outdoors than using what Mr. Miller carved so brilliantly. I decided to share this story with STIHL because of the impact your product had on my Father during his many years in the timber business. I wanted others to enjoy my story, the photos below of this amazing replica of your STIHL chainsaw, and how we used it for the memorial service in honor of my Father's hard work. Sometimes it's just nice to stop and share what brings joy to others.

Sincerely,Cathy P.
Gulfport, MS

Steven M. - Hickory, NC

I recently started a new business after the economy began to fall. I have a lot of experience in all aspects of landscaping, but had no experience in running a company.The first concern for me getting started was equipment. I believe in my years in the biz, I have used close to every brand out there. I also have had trouble with them. I have a friend who spent thirty-five years in landscaping who gave me some advice before I started.

Turns out, the most important tip I received was about my equipment. He told me,"buy STIHL equipment and you won't have equipment troubles." At this time he gave me an fs85 trimmer and an fs80 trimmer. The only thing that had ever been done to them was regular maintenance. That was two years ago. I take good care of them and they both still run like brand new. Since then I have bought a BR 550 blower, a new BR 600, an MS 260 pro saw (best chainsaw I have ever used by leaps and bounds) an HS 45 hedge trimmer and an HL 135 attachment. Since I started my business, I have not lost one minute of work due to an equipment problem. I use clean fuel, STIHL ultra mix and keep my filters clean. That's it. Just wanted the folks who design this equipment to know. Keep up the awesome work. My company thanks you as well. It's much easier to be competitive when you're equipment can be relied upon.

My next piece will be a 441 saw. Saving for the day when I can get the guys to gas it up for me. I even have a home for it in the shop. Got a big oak tree to break it in on too! Thanks also for the support after the sale. If I need a filter or anything, Hickory Home and Garden fixes me right up. And they are happy to answer questions as well. I went to a big box the other week and the clerk didn’t even know where the power equip. was.

Many thanks...

Steven M.
Hickory, NC

Matthew - Florence, AL

I have literally been sold on STIHL since I was born. My Grandfather bought a STIHL trimmer in the late ‘70s or early‘80s and gave it to my father and I was using it until I was 18 (I'm now 29) and the only reason we retired it was because it became hard to find parts.

So when I bought my first house I bought a BR 550 blower never an issue starts on the first pull every time. 3 years later I sold that house and bought another house and my KM 110 R with the straight edger, line head trimmer, and mini cultivator attachments. I could not have thought of a better tool than the KM, perfect for everything I do around the house and my business. Granddad always told me, "Make your life easier, spend the extra money, and buy great tools from people that know what they are doing."

Florence, AL

Tristan W. - Rolla MO.


This is a picture from the 2011 International intercollegiate mining competition in Reno, NV. Our teams wore STIHL suspenders as part of our team uniform. The competition includes old time mining practices such as jack legging, hand sawing, hand steeling, track laying, mucking, transit surveying, and gold panning. I was wondering If you would like to sponsor our team next year. This year our men's team placed 3rd out of 22 men's teams and our girls team place 1st. I have more information about the competition and a video of us sawing if you are interested.

Thank you,

Tristan W.
Rolla, MO

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