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Testimonials: Hand Tools

Testimonials: Hand Tools

Jacques-Claude D. - Gladstone, OR

I am a 59 year old heart patient living in Oregon state. I am in outside sales for machine shop tooling. I had been a machinist for al-most thirty years, before my transition. I went seeking an axe of reputable quality, but was unable to locate one, as most of the axes I found were from China, Mexico, or (Lord help us) India.

Of all the axes I found I struck the two business ends together and (you would be amazed at the results) saw right off that they were junk material. I found your Ochsenkopf Canadian Axe way out in Sandy Oregon. The following is a testimonial:

"This axe is of the finest materials. Being a heart patient, I split a 1/4 cord of wood without Sharpening the steel, and observing the cutting edge, there would be no need to. Of all the junk sold here in the good ole' U.S. of A. Thank you for the opportunity to have great steel at hand."

Thank You for promoting quality products, when most everyone else prefers to sell offshore garbage. I will definitely upgrade my chainsaw to STIHL at the next opportunity.

Again, Thank You!
Reverend Jacques-Claude D.t
Gladstone, OR

Jason B. - Boswell, PA

My name is Jason B. I own a Lawn Service and own many STIHL products. I am writing to tell you about my "PL 30 STIHL Lopper".

On Christmas Eve, my friend Brent borrowed them. He was on his way home and had an accident in his truck. It was very bad (He is OK), but the truck burned up. Later we were sifting through the wreckage and found the loppers. The handles were black, but they still work good. Everyone was amazed they even survived much less still (STIHL) work. Anyway great products.

Jason B.
Boswell Lawn Service

PS. Bosco, Strong Saw Shop, sold them to me and said they were the best. I believe it too.

My Servicing Dealer