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Testimonials: Chainsaws

Testimonials: Chainsaws

Frank D.


To many times companies only hear about complaints about their products. However, I would like to share my story about your high quality STIHL chainsaw. In December 2013 on a 27 degrees below 0, without the windchill, I took my 16 in. blade STIHL chainsaw out to chop the 10 ft. wide water tank. During my mission to free the tank the chainsaw got completely submerged, engine and all, under water. Immediately after that the chainsaw started twice. The following day I pulled out the air filter and spark plug to dry by the heater. The chainsaw has been running like a champ ever since. Thank you so much for your high quality equipment, please post this where others can read.



Frank D.

Nathan H. - Campton, NH

STIHL Chainsaw Image - Parker C. Testimonial

My son wanted to be a logger for Halloween, so I decided to make a STIHL chainsaw out of cardboard. He was very excited when I showed him the finished product. He had a fun Halloween and got a lot of compliments. Also, your products are far superior that anything on the market. I have ben using STIHL products for many years and have been completely satisfied.

Nathan H.
Campton, NH

Bryan S. - Larimer County, CO

STIHL Chainsaw Image - Parker C. Testimonial
STIHL Chainsaw Image - Parker C. Testimonial

I work on a wildland fire (initial attack and fuels) crew in Larimer County, Colorado. Here are two great photos of all of our STIHL saws lined up ready to get fueled and oiled before our shifts.

Bryan S.
Larimer County, CO

Eric S. - Lake Murray, SC

STIHL Chainsaw Image - Parker C. Testimonial
STIHL Chainsaw Image - Parker C. Testimonial

I love my FARM BOSS! You can't find any other brand of saw with the power to weight ratio as a STIHL. I love my saw so much, I have a picture of my Yellow Lab puppy and my STIHL.

Eric S.
Lake Murray, SC

Joe A. - Tallmadge, OH

STIHL Chainsaw Image - Parker C. Testimonial
STIHL Chainsaw Image - Parker C. Testimonial

Purchased this STIHL FARM BOSS MS290 with a 20" bar a year ago and it is sweet. As you can see, it cut this wild black cherry tree with about a 24" diameter at trunk. This is the biggest tree I've cut and I was pleased with the performance. This tree fell down during a storm, I counted the growth rings and it was 78 years old. I had to attack it from both sides, but it was fairly easy. This 290 is a great saw. I was going to have the cherry milled and rough cut to make furniture but it was infested with worm holes. What a great saw! I also have a MS211, 009, 021, 024. The 024 I've had for 23 years and it still runs great, original carb too! Thanks STIHL, I love these saws!

Joe A.
Tallmadge, OH

Daria N. - Texas

STIHL Chainsaw Image - Daria N. Testimonial

My parents needed a new septic system, which required heavy machinery and the removal of several large live oak and cedar trees. We were left with several high piles of cut down trees and branches that needed to be cleared. Usually, my 70-year-old father and my brother would be the ones to do this work. However, my brother now lives in California, and my father had some significant health events over the last 6 months that has left him unable to do any strenuous activity until he's healed. So, this left my 68-year-old mother and I to figure out what to do. Neither she, nor I, are strong enough to start the traditional chainsaws, which we have quite a few of, as you know since we bought them all from you. ;) Since we had the lithium ion battery powered weed eater and leaf blower already and love the products, dad suggested I get the chainsaw as well to see if it could do the job. The same day I purchased the chainsaw, I went home and started working on the first pile with mom. We worked for 2 days and only needed to change the battery 3 times (we have 2 so one is charging while the other is being used). So my mom on a set of loppers, and me on the chainsaw, were able to do all the clearing as you can see in the photos. We still have a little left to do on the first pile, but that was because I needed to get the chain sharpened. ;) Mom and I were amazed at what the chainsaw could cut through and how easy it was to use. Additionally, with it being so lightweight, even mom was able to do a little cutting herself. I think we may be fighting over who gets to use it in the future. ;)

I'm writing you this so that you can have proof of product not only for your store in selling these, but also as a kudos to STIHL for such an amazing feat of engineering. The whole product line allows my mom and I to now handle all the work on the property, both close to and away from the house. And of course, my father is very thankful that he doesn't have to hire crews to come in to do the work. It's been a wonderful way my mom and I to bond as well as feel like we are accomplishing something while my dad is still recovering. Thank you again for selling this product line. It has made a huge difference already and we can't wait to see what else comes out!!!

Daria N.
B.F.A., M.A., Ph.D.

Editor's note: Always wear the proper protective apparel as shown in your instructional manual.

Carol B. - Palmetto, FL

STIHL Chainsaw Image - Carol B. Testimonial

I have a photo to Show n Tell for this story: Here is a “dead” tree that has survived several Tropical Storms. A lower limb finally came down and needed to be removed – 3 family lots involved with “Its” early morning “crash!” BJ and Boston attempted to pull “IT” - out n over - was unsuccessful… so the base will be fence level in height. I kept telling my young men to try our families 5 foot - 2 handled cross-cut saws … NOPE! Still using the power of STIHL… passing on the STIHL “strengths” to our son. [using these versions: MS 192 TC and MS 290] We were surprised to find a hollow space – that resembled the cookie television advertisement for KEEBLER cookie workers in the basement of a tree.

Carol B.
Palmetto, FL

Editor's note: Always wear the proper protective apparel as shown in your instructional manual.

Terry S. - Baton Rouge, LA

Dear Sir or Madam,
Please accept this note as a commendation for superb customer skills, high knowledge base, and a patient approach to sales and service. Upon entering your store my wife and I were overwhelmed by the selection of STIHL Trimmers. Jacob approached us after giving us enough time to absorb the selection and get over the "overwhelmed" stage. Politely asked if he could help and from that moment on through the demonstration, string rewinding class, explaining the extended warranty offer, allowing us the time to then think there is NO reason not to purchase the HP Ultra and go there. All in all Jacob had us at "Can I help you?" We are frugal people, prone to "go generic" if possible, but Jacob and K&D, and STIHL are the Brand Name that shows true Customer First profiles on every side. Thank you, Jacob, for the beginning of a great K&D/Terry & Terri Partnership. Thank you K&D Management for hiring and keeping associates like Jacob, you will be here long after the "Big Box" stores have vanished. Feel free to use this note in any way that might bring attention to Jacob's abilities and further your mission.


Terry & Terri S.
Baton Rouge, LA

Carla S. - Mcloud, OK

STIHL Chainsaw Image - Carla S. Testimonial

Central Oklahoma - May 19, 2013
We had need of our STIHL saws to say the least. We owned three, now 4. These saws have stood up to 7 weeks of chainsaw work under difficult circumstances and have gotten the job done! They were used to cut us out of the cellar, to clear our driveway and immediate road, and weeks of cutting trees, brush, and firewood. Do you make a log splitter?! Great product!

Carla S.
Mcloud, OK

Editor's note: Always wear the proper protective apparel as shown in your instructional manual.

Jens M. - Rocklin, CA

STIHL Chainsaw Image - Dan E. Testimonial
STIHL Chainsaw Image - Dan E. Testimonial
STIHL Chainsaw Image - Dan E. Testimonial

Dear STIHL Team!
My name is Jens and I had the pleasure to serve the community of Moore and El Reno in Oklahoma last week. Partnering with the Christian, non-profit Disaster Relief Organization Samaritan's Purse (exclusive STIHL user) I was able to help with the tornado clean up and using my skills and experience with STIHL power equipments, mainly chain- and pole-saws. After we were done with our volunteer work and clean up we carved crosses in the remaining stump/root as a reminder of God's love for the people that have gone through so much and basically lost everything. As usual, STIHL power equipments have been a tremendous and reliable partner to us. We mainly used STIHL MS 361 and MS 660 chainsaws. Thank you STIHL! With your outstanding products we were able to make a difference in the communities of Oklahoma after getting hit by the strongest tornadoes ever recorded in the history of the United States.
All the best and God bless,

Jens M.
Rocklin, CA

Editor's note: Always wear the proper protective apparel as shown in your instructional manual.

Dan E. - San Diego, CA

STIHL Chainsaw Image - Dan E. Testimonial
STIHL Chainsaw Image - Dan E. Testimonial
STIHL Chainsaw Image - Dan E. Testimonial
STIHL Chainsaw Image - Dan E. Testimonial
STIHL Chainsaw Image - Dan E. Testimonial

I work for the San Diego Fire Rescue Department. We had a building collapse on Friday night and had to drop all of our equipment inside and run. It quickly turned into a three alarm fire. We left our STIHL chainsaw inside. The fire burned for 9 hours and the whole building collapsed on the saw. The next morning we pulled the saw out. It was melted together but the guide bar was still intact. I laughed and tried to start the saw and it fired right up even cut a piece of plywood. Just wanted to give STIHL major props. We trust this saw to save our lives and it was left for dead and still would have worked for us. Thank you again for making our job just a little bit easier.

Dan E., Equipment Officer, San Diego Fire Rescue Department
San Diego, CA

Ron S. - Orfordville, WI

I am an avid user of STIHL products. I live Wisconsin and cut approximately 30 cords of wood each year (heat for two homes and a shop). Last fall (2012) I was looking for a saw that would compliment my MS460 (which I had used exclusively for the last 5 years). The 460 performed well and I did not want to compromise on performance with a smaller saw. After a great deal of research, I purchased the MS261 with a 16" bar. The saw has performed beyond my expectations. I was looking for a trim saw and discovered a well designed saw which has become my main saw. My MS460 (18" and 25" bars) is only used for felling and the big stuff. I believe that the 261 would easily handle a larger bar, but I am satisfied with the current set up. I have not used the 18" bar for my 460 since purchasing the 261. My hat is off to STIHL for a great line of products.

P.S. the guy I cut wood with wants to run over the 261 because he can't keep up. He clears brush and loads the wood with a skid loader and grapple.

Ron S.
Orfordville, WI

Parker C. - New Jersey

STIHL Chainsaw Image - Parker C. Testimonial
STIHL Chainsaw Image - Parker C. Testimonial

I just wanted to let you know that we have some great pictures of our brand new Stihl MS660 in action.

Parker C., Marketing Director, JB's Landscaping LLC
New Jersey

Editor’s note: STIHL recommends the proper use of personal protective apparel and product usage as recommended in the product instruction manual.

Editor's note: Only trained professionals should attempt this kind of work. The condition of the tree indicates this as a high risk venture for untrained individuals..

Tim H. - Granbury, TX

STIHL Chainsaw Image - Tim H. Testimonial

On the evening of May 15, 2013 at approx 8PM, Station 2 of the Granbury Fire Department received a tone for a structure collapse in the Rancho Brazos neighborhood of Granbury, Texas. Engine 6 with myself and 3 other firefighters onboard responded in route not knowing exactly what we were walking into. We had little knowledge that an F4 tornado had just wiped the entire neighborhood of the face of the earth. Approximately 300 yards from the entrance of the neighborhood, Engine 6 encountered a huge oak tree completely blocking the entire roadway. Ditches full of water on either side. We were stopped in our tracks unable to move forward. We could see the devastation, but we couldn't get there. Several emergency vehicle apparatus were backed up behind us. We immediately grabbed our STIHL chainsaw. We had that tree cut and removed from the roadway in a matter of 2-3 minutes. That allowed us and multiple emergency vehicles to access the destroyed neighborhood. That night was a blur to me. We rescued many, many people from collapsed structures and we also recovered 6 dead. Days later I was recollecting on the events of the last several days and I thought about that saw. How that single saw opened the roadway and allowed numerous emergency vehicles into the destroyed neighborhood to save numerous lives. I'd like to thank you for making such a reliable saw and because of those events we are now seeking funds from donors to put STIHL saws on all our apparatus.

Tim H., Firefighter/Fire Chaplain Granbury Fire Dept.
Granbury, TX

Dave D. - Brighton, IL

I recently bought a STIHL 180 c saw. I cant believe it, I have had several saws and this is the best! It was also recommended by a couple of friends. Keep up the good work!

Dave D.
Brighton, IL

Mark H. - Dighton, MA

Just wanted to let you know I'm still getting hard work out of the 041 Farm Boss I bought 35 years ago in 1978. What a machine!

Mark H.
Dighton, MA

Dan S. - Kansas City

STIHL Chainsaw Image - Chuck U Testimonial

Good morning.
Just wanted to send you a pic from KC. Spring cleaning a heavily wooded lot. Got tired of fighting the old saw that we had. My girlfriend suggested I go buy the best one made. So I did. Works great. What a fabulous line of products you all have!

Dan S.
Kansas City

Editor's note: Always wear the proper protective apparel as shown in your instructional manual.

Peter G. - Cedar Creek, TX

I bought my first STIHL chainsaw from a local dealer twenty years ago and used it on the property of our new home we had built. I used it for ten hard years and then gave it to our son (who built near us) and bought a new STIHL. We did not use the new one as much as the old one, as we were settled in, but the trees still needed trimming until our saw was stolen (I guess they liked the STIHL saw also, good taste on their part). I just bought a new STIHL 181 C-BE - time for more tree trimming. Our third saw in 20 years and always a STIHL. It keeps on running I could not recommend another from personal experience other than a STIHL. Y'all (that's one word) build a good product! I’m a happy Texan.

Peter G.
Msgt. USAF Retd.
Cedar Creek, TX

Andy L. - Menomonee Falls, WI

STIHL Chainsaw Image - Chuck U Testimonial

An ATV, a STIHL and man’s best friend. It’s going to be a good day!

Andy L.
Menomonee Falls, WI

Jeffery H. - Boise, ID

I am a Wildland Firefighter and I would like to say thank you for your chainsaws they work very well in the job I do and your chainsaws are easy to work on and to troubleshoot also.

Jeffery H.
Boise, ID

Tracy E. - Boss, MO

STIHL Chainsaw Image - Chuck U Testimonial

I have a picture you might be interested in. I was taking a break from cutting and splitting wood and my dog sat down by my saw and wood pile. I took a quick picture with cell phone and it came out really good. My friends said I should send it to STIHL for a calendar or something.

Tracy E.
Boss, MO

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