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Testimonials: Blowers

Testimonials: Blowers

Mitch F. - Petal, MS

In March 2011 I had a small lawn business on the side. At this time I owned a STIHL BG 55 handheld blower, but I knew with the upcoming yard season coming that I needed something with a little more power. I ended up buying a backpack blower. I then gave my parents the handheld blower. My parents live on a medium sized cattle farm in Philadelphia, MS. On April 27, 2011 my parents were hit with a F5 tornado that decimated everything standing; house, barnes, trees, fences, etc. It is the second only documented case of a tornado actually digging a ditch in a field by pulling the soil up. The shop where the handheld blower was stored was leveled with everything in it being scattered everywhere. The blower was found out in a field about 100 yards from the shop, muddy and appeared to be worthless. In our effort to build my parents a new home and basically get everything back in order, the blower was stored with several other things and untouched for almost 3 years. Two weeks ago while at the farm I found the blower in a corner, still with dirt all over it, looking exactly as it did the day of the tornado. I decided I would bring it back home and see if I could at least salvage parts off of it. When I had a little extra time last Saturday I got the blower out. I checked the spark plug, it was good. Next, I emptied the gas out of the blower. I then proceeded to put some new mixed gas into it. I thought for sure all this work was a waste of my time, but you have to know me, I love a challenge. I then primed the blower and began to pull the string. To my amazement, 5 pulls in the blower cranked. It actually worked, and not only just cranked, worked as well as if I had just purchased it off the shelf. The only problem I found with the blower was the switch used to cut it off was no longer any good. So, I had to pull the spark plug wire to cut it off, no big deal. Once I buy a new switch for the blower and clean it up it will be as good as new. I had to tell you this long story to get to my point, this is a true testament of how strong and durable your products are. This has definitely sold me on the STIHL brand. I just thought you could use this story as a "success story.” I just wanted to pass this along.

Mitch F.
Petal, MS

Editor’s note: Do not start or operate damaged equipment. If your STIHL equipment has been compromised in any way, take it to your local STIHL dealer for immediate service before putting it back in operation.

Jeff T. - Maryville, TN

STIHL Chainsaw Image - Parker C. Testimonial
STIHL Chainsaw Image - Parker C. Testimonial

I just wanted to pass a story along to you about my STIHL blower I have owned for approximately 4 years.

This past July 4th my son was using the blower around our boat dock when it accidentally knocked into the lake. He spent about an hour diving down trying to retrieve the blower but had no luck. I was out of town at the time, so he went and purchased a new one taking responsibility for his losing this one.

In the fall of the year they always lower the lake levels, so this past Tuesday the lake was at it's lowest. I thought I would give it a look and see if I might find the leaf blower. To my amazement I found the blower lying in approximately 2 feet of water, as shown in the photo. The water level would have been approximately 5 feet deep back in the summer.

After retrieving the blower I took it to my shop and took the plug out and muffler off and got the water out. I filled the block with oil and used carb cleaner and WD40 to clean off the motor and carburetor. I then emptied all the lake water from the gas tank. As I was taking the cover off the fan side I found a couple critters that had found a home in there.

I did some cleaning and let it dry out for a couple of days. I put everything back together and used the original spark plug. The only thing new was some fresh gas in the tank.

After about 25 pulls this blower fired up just like always. I could not believe that it actually fired up that easily and ran great.

I thought you would enjoy the story as to how your blower spent 5 months in Tellico Lake. With a little cleaning, drying out and fresh gas it still runs like always. Absolutely nothing new put on the blower, not even the plug. I was amazed.

I told my son I always did want a spare blower for the shop, now we have it thanks to the durability of a STIHL.

Jeff T.
Maryville, TN

Editor's note: STIHL does not recommend starting a product that has been in submerged in water before having an authorized STIHL dealer check it out.

Ray C. - West Monroe, LA

Dear sir or madam,
I am writing to you about the quality and durability of the BG 55 STIHL Blower I bought from Goldman Equipment in West Monroe, LA a few months ago. The day before we had monsoon rains last week, my son was helping me work in the yard. He forgot to tell me that he left my new blower laying on its' side in my wheelbarrel in the backyard after he finished his part. A week after the rain, I found my new blower completely under water. It had been there several days and was full of water. I was sick! I emptied the gas from the blower, pulled the cord about a hundred times until the water stopped shooting out of the muffler, put fresh gas and oil in, and it cranked on the third pull. I ran it for about an hour afterward. I was amazed it didn't take a trip to the shop or that it wasn't destroyed. All I can say is thumbs up to the quality of STIHL.

Ray C.
West Monroe, LA

Editor's note: STIHL does not recommend starting a product that has been in extreme weather conditions for extended periods of time before having an authorized STIHL dealer check it out.

Jim C. - Kingsland, TX

Have had a BG55 blower for 4 years, and it continues to run great. I dropped it in the lake the other day and knew I was in for a replacement blower. Amazingly, it started right up and has been running ever since. Unfortunately, a lost sale for STIHL, but I will eventually buy another STIHL blower when the time comes.

Thanks for the good stuff,

Jim C.
Kingsland, TX

Editor's note: To keep your STIHL equipment running at peak performance, please follow the maintenance instructions in your owners manual.

Mark S. - Norwich, CT

I am the owner of KMS Landscaping and Lawn Care LLC and plowing. In February we had a fire that wiped out our entire shop and adjacent residence.

Sifting through the piles we lost many STIHL tools, power equipment, hand tools, chainsaws, backpack blowers. As were trying to list our tools we came upon a charred, plastic melted hull of a backpack blower. It was a 600 series. It had red plastic melted on it, its own housing was melted, straps were gone.

To our dismay the blower actually started on the first pull and was able to move air. It was a positive note in what has been a 6 month long, arduous endeavor.

Thank you STIHL for making such great products. We actually have a short video of the blower's condition and how well in works after surviving the fire.

Mark S. Norwich, CT

Sue K. - Pittsburgh, PA

I reside in an area where all the homes were built in the late 1800's to early 1900's and there are multiple huge trees, esp. oak, of which I have three 100 footers on my small property alone. We pick up leaves from the early fall through to the early spring and then later in the spring pickup "fronds" which fall from the oaks and act much like Velcro. As such, our leaf blowers and vacs get a fair amount of use for just a homeowner situation. We tired long ago of having to replace the crap blowers and vacs from the big box stores and I purchased a STIHL BR 340.

I couldn't be happier with the product after now 5 or 6 years. No breakdowns and blows both dry and wet/heavy leaves without a problem. I purchased the SH 56CE just this fall so I could vac in the multiple tight areas we have and also for small vac jobs (I don't use it so much for the blower). This has made my yard work so much easier/faster. It really does get good gas mileage!

I should also mention that I have a larger walk behind yard vac/shredder (MTD), and between these three, what used to be an entire weekend or yard work for two, can now be a couple hours for one. However, I must point out that the SH 56CE doesn't shred as finely as does the MTD (likely b/c the MTD is just a bigger machine).

I'm okay with that b/c having just finished picking up leaves for the season yesterday (Jan. 5th) the four cycle MTD would not start in the cold weather - BOTH STIHLS STARTED UP - EVERY TIME. :)

Sue K. Pittsburgh, PA

Andy M. - Oneida, TN

When you live in the country, with a lot of property to maintain having the right tools is essential. Stihl has always been known for the quality of their chainsaws, but cutting wood is not the only task that needs to bed one. In the fall, when you have several acres of leaves on the ground raking by hand can go on forever. I decided to work a lot smarter and bought my BR 600 Magnum backpack blower. My STIHL dealer assembled the unit, filled the tank, and demonstrated all its functions for me. He also gave me tips on getting the best performance out of it.

Once home, the raking that used to take days was done in about an hour, including getting all the gravel off a long driveway. I got my weekend back, and you can't put a price tag on that.

Now cleaning up the yard after mowing is quick and easy as well. Thanks STIHL for another great product.

Andy M. Oneida, TN

Jeffrey D. - Sturgeon Bay, WI

I had always been a Poulan customer. After going through 3 leaf blowers in just a few years I went up to our local STIHL dealer to see what he offered.

I purchased a SH 86-C. Man, what a difference. It is so much quieter and has a lot more power than my other ones. It is a breeze to use. I now know I should have switched sooner.

Needless to say when my chainsaw and line trimmer are in need of replacement, I WILL be getting a STIHL.

Jeffrey D. Sturgeon Bay, WI

Henry C. - Averill Park, NY

After buying a leaf blower this weekend (the 600 backpack model), I now own three STIHL products: a weed whacker, chainsaw, and leaf blower.

The quality, design, ease of operation, and reliability of each product is terrific.

Sometimes, people buy cheaper and think they're getting a bargain. But they're not, for at least two reasons: First, it's inferior from the get-go. Second, you wind up replacing it quickly, which ultimately costs more.

By buying quality the first time, you have the benefit of a well-made product that performs well from day one and lasts for years.

And, on a related note, my local dealer, AKF Maintenance and Repair (Don), is great. He would not sell me the machine I thought I wanted (a hand-held). Why? Don was confident it wouldn't do the job. And boy was he right! In fact, I called him later to thank him for the recommendation; as I moved an enormous (and I mean enormous) amount of wet leaves yesterday, the machine (the new 600 Magnum) was more than up to the job. (I did in five hours what used to take me several weekends to do by hand.)

I am one very happy STIHL customer. If I need it, and STIHL makes it, I buy it!


Henry C. Averill Park, NY

Tim L. - Eau Claire, WI

I just bought a BG 56 C-E handheld blower from Tractor Central. It's everything they said it was: lots of power and easy starting. I had a 31cc Ryobi blower before, but it just does not compare to the STIHL product at all. Keep up the great quality.


Tim L. Eau Claire, WI

Mike S. - Fort Smith, AR

Hi, about two years ago I purchased my first STIHL blower (used) from a friend of mine because he bought a bigger one. It was a smaller model, but compared to all the other blowers I have had, this one was my baby. I loved it until March of 2010 when it was stolen. Of all the things stolen, I was most sick over my blower.

I have lake property with lots of woods, and I keep it clean. I struggled over the price of the new BR 600 Magnum but took the plunge and bought one. Then it rained every time I was planning to go to the lake and use it. I was like a child with a piece of candy that couldn't eat it!

I was skeptical the whole time about spending that much until I got to use it this past weekend. All I can say is "Oh my gosh!"

It took all of 3 minutes for my skepticism to go away. I have never seen a blower with the power this one has. It made my smaller STIHL seem like a light breeze. Most blowers, as the leaves begin to pile up, find it hard to keeping blowing, but not with the Magnum.

If I lost this one today, I would not hesitate to buy another one tomorrow. It's a very great product with a very satisfied customer. I could and would be a spokes person for this product in a heartbeat! Thanks!

Mike S. Fort Smith, AR

Julia R. - Duncannon, PA

We own a lot of your products but I want to tell you that the leaf blower works perfectly to blow snow. I used it yesterday to blow 9 inches of snow off of our pond, sidewalk, deck and trees all in less time that it took my husband to use the snow blower on our driveway. Besides I could get into places that he couldn't with the big machine and it weighs so little so is not hard to use for us older ladies. I have never seen your product advertised for this chore and thought that it might be a great idea.

Julia R. Duncannon, PA

Joshua L. - Bucyrus, OH

A couple weeks ago I noticed that I was missing my leaf blower. It was not with my two MS 250 or MS 880 chainsaws or by my FS 250 weed cutter. After searching I had no luck in finding it. Yesterday I was cleaning up some river debris on my farm and there lying in a pile of mud and trees was my BG 85 blower. After a flood and 5 months of winter there was my BG 85 that fell off my golf cart last fall. I dumped the gas and cleaned out the mud. Three pulls and she started right up, only a STIHL.

Joshua L. Bucyrus, OH

John T. - Pittsburgh, PA

I purchased the BG 86 leaf blower last year to blow snow off my driveway. My neighbors have them too. It works so well, people who live down the street stop and watch it in action. I first start in my garage, blowing snow away, and then I blow snow off cars in the driveway and from walkways, the front porch and steps. The driveway is Omni stone as well as the sidewalk. The BG 86 is awesome. STIHL should show how this gets rid of snow as well as leaves.

Thanks for such a great product.

John T. Pittsburgh, PA

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