STIHL Air Racing


Team STIHL Air Racing: where racing and engineering meet, fueled by the dreams and passions of kids young and old. The sleek carbon fiber race plane is a Lancair Super Legacy with a 600+ hp twin turbo engine. Harnessing all that power is a custom McCauley Blackworks propeller that rockets the plane to over 400mph.

Pilot Andrew Findlay has raced his entire life, downhill skiing, snowmobiles, motorcycles, and now air racing, his competitive nature drives the team to push further while working together to problem solve. He has flown 30 different types of aircraft and his background includes engine development at BRP (Evinrude).

The team has been built from the network created from the different travels and jobs Andrew has experienced. Overall, it is a team of people who enjoy life and work with a passion.

Watch Team STIHL’s historic 2018 championship win.

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