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Virginia Zoo
Groundskeepers and Landscapers

At the Virginia Zoo, keeping the environment beautiful is a priority. The groundskeeping and landscaping crews need to make sure the zoo is looking its best for visitors.

“We take care of all the grounds here,” said Brian Francis. “We have 53 acres. So we’re cutting grass, weeding, pruning trees - any kind of landscape maintenance.”

The zoo’s workers need to keep the place tidy and enjoy using STIHL battery equipment to get the work done. Being conservation oriented, they particularly appreciate the fact that this line of products offer zero exhaust emissions.

“The battery products are more environmentally friendly, so we use those as much as possible, especially in the animal exhibits,” said Mikel Conway.

But when it comes to working in the zoo environment, STIHL battery products also offer the advantage of being quieter, meaning less stress and disturbances for the zoo inhabitants. “The battery products really help, especially around quite a few birds,” explained Conway. “We have birds that are nesting, and they really don’t like loud noises, so the battery-operated products work very well.”

The Virginia Zoo crew trusts STIHL equipment for their dependability. This allows them to focus on horticulture, creating beauty through flowers and plants to make the zoo a better place for visitors.

“The STIHL battery products help us work more efficiently. It really helps us accomplish the jobs that we need to attend to at the zoo,” Conway added.

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