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Jen and Nathan Owen

For the Owens, time is precious. Nathan and Jen have two young girls who keep them very busy. The Owens love spending time outside working on projects, but they expect to get those done in a timely fashion, with tools that do not let them down. That’s why the Owens trust and use STIHL.

“STIHL was just always something we knew that was the best out there. It was quality,” Nathan said. “We love being outside and doing projects, but we also love getting them done so we can move on to the more important things, like family.”

The Owens’ daughters are involved in many activities like soccer, basketball, girl scouts, and more. So, for their parents, the quality time the family spends together is important. “The goal is to really get yardwork done as quickly as possible so we can have more family time,” Jen says. And STIHL products allow them to do so.

Nathan and Jen’s dad bonded over their shared interest for fixing things. Jen’s dad taught Nathan how to use certain tools and they worked together on various projects. “Her dad and I actually built the fireplace we have outside,” Nathan said. “That was quite a project.”

Years ago, Jen decided to buy her husband a nice chainsaw and she asked her father for advice. “Without hesitation, he said ‘STIHL.’ And it has been great for us. We’ve added more STIHL products to our garage since.”

The Owens have a do-it-yourself philosophy and enjoy working around their home. For them, STIHL makes work fun and contributes to get the job done quickly, so they can get back to their family.

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