Matt Tanksley - Professional Landscaper

Matt Tanksley's first job was mowing lawns. As a 14-year-old, he enjoyed the outdoors too much to take a job inside. Using the money from this business, he eventually put himself through college, bought a truck, and has been in the professional lawn care business ever since. Now, Matt's company manages around 50 yards every year, including mowing, trimming and pruning services. Jobs he says couldn't be done without the help of STIHL equipment.

"We've been using STIHL for about 16 years. I'm very happy. It's very dependable equipment. And it's lasted a long time. I have some trimmers that are up there in age, and they're still running strong."

Matt grew up on a farm. Both his father and grandfather used STIHL, depending on chainsaws and hedge trimmers for regular farm maintenance. After a lifetime of using these tools, Matt has come to appreciate the value in a well-made product.

"STIHL products are worth the investment. The key thing is always maintenance. Maintenance is the key to any equipment lasting a long time."

In addition to regular upkeep, Tanksley advises anyone interested in the lawn care business to choose their tools carefully.

"Equipment means everything. Good, dependable equipment makes things go fast. You've got to take pride in what you have on your trailer, it shows pride in what you're doing."

For Matt, that dependable equipment is STIHL. He relies on the smart design and comfort of STIHL to carry him through the workday.

"The equipment is very balanced. It doesn't wear me out. My hands don't get tired, and my back doesn't hurt. I think the positioning and the adjustments of the handles is a big key to someone not being worn out by the equipment."

By combining his years of experience with a truck full of STIHL equipment, Matt has achieved a level of success he views with pride.

"When your customer sends you a Christmas card at the end of the year and says, 'Thanks. Hope to see you in the next year,' that's when it really means a lot. That's how I get my satisfaction from it."

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