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Matt and Brooke Wibbenmeyer - Homeowners

Brooke and Matt Wibbenmeyer own a concrete business providing commercial, industrial and residential customers with decorative concrete materials. Matt began using STIHL products when he bought his first home in 2001. What started with a STIHL blower soon led to a trimmer, backpack blowers, hedge trimmers, and eventually numerous cut-off machines for their business.

"The STIHL brand really means quality to me," Matt says. "Once I bought the first one, I was pretty well sold on them. I've bought cheaper cut-off machines in the past and they only last six months. Some of these STIHL machines we've had for ten years."

When working with concrete, Matt needs tools that can operate under harsh conditions. Brooke does the accounting for the business, and says that equipment that lasts longer translates into savings. For the couple, STIHL falls into both these categories.

"The STIHL cut-off machines… they're easily the hardest-worked tool. We'll use them to cut concrete, or any time we're doing a foundation, we've got to cut rebar. With the concrete dust or the water running through them, they take a beating," Matt says.

Off the job, the Wibbenmeyers return to STIHL products for outdoor maintenance. They say their homeowner equipment – the trimmers, edgers, and blowers – operate just as well as their professional grade tools.

"I use the leaf blower and hedge trimmer," Brooke says. "I like doing it, especially when the stuff works and it doesn't die on me. It keeps going and we get it done, and then it's nice. You can sit back and relax with your yard looking great."

"In our subdivision there's some nice houses in there, but we've got the best lawn," Matt says.

The Wibbenmeyers say they'll continue to invest in STIHL products, both at home and on the job. They base this loyalty on the long-lasting value of their equipment.

"If I buy a product that works for me for years and years, obviously I'm going to keep buying the product," Matt says. "STIHL brand means quality to me."

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