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Jason Otte - Homeowner

Jason Otte is a homeowner in Perryville, Missouri. After he and his wife, Ashley, completed a remodel of their house, they continued to rework their landscape to make their dream home a reality. For this, Jason and Ashley use STIHL equipment for a variety of needs, including trimming, clearing and cutting.

At the age of 10, Jason started working for his uncle's tree service. Through this, he was introduced to STIHL products. He figured if STIHL was good enough for his uncle, it was good enough for him. The Ottes now enjoy teaming up for yard work with their STIHL equipment.

"We live in a house where trees surround us – leaves are everywhere in the fall and Ashley will get out there with the leaf blower and I'll jump on the mower," Jason says. "The front porch and back porch usually get full of leaves, and we've got acorns over the back porch. We just take the blower and blow them off. It's a lot easier than using the old-fashioned broom."

Ashley appreciates her equipment's user-friendly manufacturing.

"It's not intimidating at all," She says. "They're very easy to use. The leaf blower we have is really lightweight."

Jason also uses STIHL equipment at his job in a nearby limestone quarry. Every day on the job, he is reminded of the dependability of STIHL equipment.

"It's very important to have equipment that's going to run all day and not have any breakdowns," Jason says. "When you have breakdowns, there's down time at the quarry, and it could be costly."

Other designs, such as STIHL Easy2Start™, have helped the Otte family. Once when Ashley's grandfather was having trouble starting his chainsaw of another brand, Jason lent him his STIHL Easy2Start™ model.

"He really liked that system. It's really nice for the older guys that just don't have the strength to pull that cord real hard anymore," Jason says.

Jason has had his STIHL products for a few years, and says he hasn't had many problems. But he knows from his dad's experience that if he ever needs maintenance, STIHL Dealers will be there to help.

"They're great with all the STIHL products," he says. "They can fix just about anything there. Dad has had his saw for about 20 years now. So he's had it worked on a couple times."

A couple times in 20 years doesn't sound too bad.

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