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Jamie Burger - Homeowner

Jamie Burger currently serves as the elected Presiding Commissioner of Scott County. He has lived in Benton, Missouri for most of his adult life, working at a cement plant for the past 30 years. Part of his work as Presiding Commissioner includes serving on the Work Force Investment Board. When a severe ice storm hit the area in 2009, the county received money to buy equipment for debris removal. After using STIHL products at home for years, Jamie recommended the board use the money to purchase all STIHL equipment.

"I have 42,000 bosses, that's how many residents are in Scott County. And I have to feel good about the things that I say we're going to buy. So any equipment we buy, we look very, very hard at the quality, the reliability, and the durability."

Jamie convinced the board to invest in STIHL equipment based on the product's lasting power.

"I had STIHL products at home. I knew how reliable, how efficient they were, and I take care of my stuff. Sometimes it doesn't get taken care of, and it lasts. We had to be out there working, so we didn't have time to work on equipment."

When Jamie is not working, he unwinds by spending time with his family and getting outside. He takes pride in his neighborhood, and makes a point to keep his house looking good. This requires hardworking outdoor power products. Jamie knows that STIHL is a brand he can depend upon.

"My time is so valuable, I don't want to spend it on something that's not going to do the job for me. I want something that when I grab it, it's going to work. If it's priced reasonably and it's efficient, that's what we're after. I think that's why I buy STIHL products."

Jamie also enjoys working with his local STIHL Dealers. He emphasizes their detailed service and attention to safety as key factors of why he chooses STIHL equipment.

"I think STIHL selling their products through a Dealership network is a good thing. I don't want to buy something at a box store that I have to put together. When I walked out of there, I had everything in my hands I needed to go to work."

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