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Grant Crowell - Owner, The Urban Forester

Grant Crowell left his job when the business he worked for sold out to a larger company. Part of the decision was based on changes that resulted from this sale, but also on an opportunity Crowell identified to follow a lifetime passion for tree care.

"It opened my mind to new possibilities. I was newly married at that point and a lot of changes were happening, I felt like this was the time to strike if I was going to do it."

That "strike" would eventually become The Urban Foresters, Crowell’s tree service company in Houston, TX. After leaving his job, Crowell, a certified arborist, invested in a small collection of tree equipment and acquired an even smaller crew.

"I had a truck, chipper, saw, clippers, and all sorts of things to load into the truck, and two employees."

The timing turned out just right too, as evidenced by the company’s rapid growth soon thereafter.

"I'm really dumbfounded sometimes when I think about how quickly the organization grew. In the last couple of weeks we launched our tenth crew, we're driving ten trucks, and I have 35 employees now."

Throughout this entire process, Crowell has relied on STIHL products to support his work and the work of his crews. Whether they're planting, pruning or removing trees and tree stumps, The Urban Foresters know they can depend on their STIHL tools.

"If I had to replace STIHL equipment with something else, the tidal wave of discontent at my company would be – it would blow me away."

One reason STIHL is so important to Crowell and his Urban Foresters crew is the high level of service they get from their STIHL Dealer.

"You have a service provider who's going to stand right there behind you because they're not the kind of company that gives you a saw in a box and says 'good luck with that.' They open it, they tell you about it, they point this out, they open the manual, they start it, they do everything for you."

It's this high standard of STIHL service combined with the high quality of STIHL products that help entrepreneurs like Grant Crowell turn their dreams into reality.

*DO NOT start or operate damaged equipment. If your STIHL equipment has been compromised in any way, take it to your local STIHL Dealer for immediate

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