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Austin Bock (son), Lee Bock (father), Larry Bock (grandfather) - Farmers

Founded in 1874 by Alvin Bock (pronounced "Buck"), the Bock farm has remained in the family for over four generations. Today, Alvin's grandson Lee Bock manages the business, with help from his own son Austin and his father Larry. The 800 acres of land is split between beef cattle and crops. Although Lee currently runs operations, all three generations are proud of and committed to their farm and family. That means working hard every day - and depending on hardworking tools. According to Larry, that is why they choose STIHL products.

"You can depend on it, you know. As I understand it, STIHL's a family. We're a family. You depend on a family. And of course, the products here are very dependable."

Austin is doctor of veterinary medicine and now runs a veterinary clinic, but still considers himself a farmer. He understands that time is money and having a good work ethic is the key to success. When Austin spends his time helping on his family farm, he doesn't have time to mess with unreliable equipment.

"We don't use them every day, but if we grab a chainsaw to remove a tree, we expect it to start. The kind of equipment we use here, the STIHL chainsaws or the power equipment, that's all you're going to see used on this place. We can just trust that it's going to work because it has in the past."

When his tools do need servicing, all it takes is a quick visit to the local STIHL Dealer. Austin appreciates the efficiency of this process.

"The other thing I really think STIHL has done well is service." Austin says. "You build a relationship with your Dealer and if you have any questions, you can pick up the phone, you can drop by their shop, and they'll be there to help. They're very educated, very knowledgeable. You're in and out and you're back to work."

Lee also praises his STIHL Dealer. He says that working with a servicing Dealer makes it easy for him to access new parts if something breaks. Lee couldn't be more proud of the work he and his family do on the farm. And if the Bock business ever becomes a fifth generation farm, STIHL will be there to help continue that work.

"Bottom line," Lee says, "STIHL just works."

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